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In the early days of infancy diffuser oils and sprays act as a great benefiter to the health of the baby. Parents should take extreme care when choosing essential oils though as they can be quite powerful and also tends to be extremely concentrated. Consultation of your paediatrician is recommended when you goad n pick diffuser oils for your baby. Also dilution of the oil is necessary in case for babies. You cannot use essential oils the way you would use them on an adult. Diffuser and essential oils tend to one of the most popular baby care products for newborn.

What exactly does diffuser oils do?

Diffuser oils help in aromatherapy which can be great for your baby. Babies love massages and the massages can help the baby to develop glowing skin. It also helps babies to develop stronger bone structure. It helps in relieving colic and also increases the stimulation circulation of the baby’s system.

Massage oil recopies are of various kinds. One very good one is a combination of 1 drop Roman Chamomile, 1 drop Geranium, 1 drop Lavender and 30 mil sweet almond oil. After you blend them together properly they make for extremely good massage oil for your baby. It is advised that you only use such massage oils on babies who are older than 3 months. Adding such essential oils to the bath of the baby also works as it removes irritated mood and crankiness of the baby. Put a single drop of lavender with 20ml full fat milk to prepare a good essential oil. Just put a few drop n the curtains f the room and your baby will feel relaxed with the smell.


What are room diffusion techniques?

Rom diffusion is another very popular aromatic therapy. Put a bowl of steaming water in the room. Make sure that the baby cannot come in contact with the bowl as you do not wish for him to burn himself. Add I drop of diffuser oil to the hot water and the steam which will rise and circulate throughout the room will help to relax the baby and promote sleep. A diffuser can also be used instead of the hot water but make sure that the diffuser is glazed properly. If you do not clean it properly it will not work. If you are using essential oil sprays you will see that they are really useful in evenly distributing the scent around the room. Add 1 drop of essential oil to one teaspoon of water and then add that to the diffuser. If you wish for a healthy development of your child go for aroma therapy as it works extremely well. There are various scents you can sue for sleep issue which include Roman chamomile and Lavender. Lavender also has antibiotic, antiseptic, disinfectant properties. Such oils prevent diarrhoea, indigestion etc. Lavender and chamomile works as very good first essential oil choices for babies. Keep trying different types of essential oils and diffusers as the baby grows up.


Few factors which you need to remember about aromatherapy:

Using this therapy of babies below three months of age is not recommended. Ask your paediatrician regarding which oil you should start with and only go ahead with the therapy if he says it is fine. The baby can face problems if you start this therapy at too early a stage. Once you start make sure that the aromas are pure and therapeutic. Synthetic oils are no good since they do not provide any kind of healing properties. If the label says that do not use internally then do not go for them since they must be petro chemically distilled fragrance oil.

With age the amount of essential oil you are using will also increase. It is recommended that you use 1% for babies up to 2 years and 2% dilution for ages above 2 years. Try to use lavender as it is the single best type of diffuser oil you can use for your baby. Do not let the child’s eyes or mouth come in contact with the oil. Such diffuser oils can be found with ease at any baby care products list. These are one of the best baby care products you can use.



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