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Getting to the basics, it is very essential to know why the baby needs that extra care for its skin.

  • A baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner than that of the adults and as, a result can be damaged easily.
  • Since the baby has a lesser ability to sweat compared to adults, the body temperature generally stays higher. This reduces sweating and can also contribute to rashes.
  • External irritants can enter the baby’s skin more easily because of the skin’s high lipid content that makes fat-soluble contents to pass through the skin more easily.
  • Friction from diapers also take a toll on the baby’s skin causing it to become irritated.
  • Since the baby doesn’t have a fully developed immune system, it is more prone to catching infections that can easily enter through the skin.

With all the above points in mind, certain tips should be followed to take care of the baby’s skin naturally and organically-

  • Initial days after birth

In the early days of life, the baby’s skin is not the type it becomes a few months later. That can be explained by the fact that the skin develops at a very later stage in the womb and the extra oil glands in the mother’s body cause acne and pimples on the baby’s face which can be dealt with easily provided the baby’s skin is kept clean and dry by using baby soaps and lotions. If the problem persists for more than three months, then it might be a case of eczema for which a pediatrician needs to be contacted.

  • Bathing basics

When it comes to bathing, every parent wants the baby to be clean and flawless all the time. But since baby skin is sensitive and body is also more fragile, it is advisable that the baby be bathed fully twice a week till it starts crawling and till then, it is required that the baby’s bottom can be wiped and cleaned with lukewarm water. For bathing, very basic and mild products must be applied to a maximum extent and natural products should be used often. A mild soap, lotion with aloe vera, or 2-3 drops of essential oils that are anti-bacterial or anti-microbial in nature such as eucalyptus oil, neem oil, basil oil can be used as basic elements for the baby’s bath.


  • Using soft clothing

For that soft skin of your baby, it is advisable that cloth of special fabrics like cotton should be worn by the baby to prevent the occurrence of rashes. Also, it is advisable that a different and soft towel should be used as one of baby’s bathing essential. Apart from that, diapers are no doubt a great invention, but they are just not made for the baby to wear all the time. In case the baby gets any rash, it is advisable that the baby’s skin be exposed to air and the rash would heal in a few days.


  • Washing basics

Just like the baby’s skin is delicate, so are the clothes and so should be the detergent. Since the detergents used for washing an adult’s clothes are full of chemicals to remove stains, if the baby’s clothes are washed using them, irritation might occur to the baby’s skin. So, it is recommended to use mild detergents for washing baby clothes.

  • Protecting from the sun

It is a known fact that the sun’s rays do harm to human skin. One can imagine the amount of harm these can do to a baby’s skin when exposed to sun rays. So, it is advisable that babies below the age of 6 months must not be exposed too much to the sun and if they are, then sunscreens containing zinc oxide or titanium oxide, that would have minimum side effects must be applied.


  • Go natural

It is a very basic point that one should keep the baby away from chemical exposure as much as possible and use maximum organic and natural means to get things done for the baby’s skin.

Taking care of the baby’s skin isn’t a herculean task if proper care and attention is given. One should simply follow these basics, and no skin problems or rashes would ever happen to the tiny tot.


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