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Babies are not able to communicate properly so it is up to the parents to understand what the baby needs from time to time. Baby blankets tend to be a very important item on a parent’s checklist. Baby blankets are very practical for a day to day wrapping and swaddling of the baby. It comes in a variety of materials and patterns to match your baby’s mood and style. One of the most popular types tends to be the

A baby blanket needs to be durable. They are Organic muslin wrapping blanket.

Baby blankets are available in lightweight, mid-weight and heavyweight blends of fabric. This is done so that you can get the perfect blanket for your baby in any season. Some blankets are made to layer for warmth while others is used to be closer to the baby’s skin.


Choosing a Baby Blanket

really easy to clean and tend to be a safe item for a baby. Especially since blankets tend to be very personal to babies if you do not pick the right blanket right off the bat a baby may not be willing to let go of the blanket due to any washing issues or weak fabric. The average size of a baby blankets tends to vary from manufacturer to manufacturers. Just like organic baby clothes organic blankets tend to the smart choice for parents.

Baby Blanket Materials

Baby blankets come in a variety of different materials so you need to know which type of material will suit your need.


Cotton is one of the most popular choices for baby blankets. Also cotton fabric blankets tend to be one of the cheapest baby blankets you can buy. Cotton baby blankets are breathable, cool and soft. However cotton tends to very absorbent and they don’t dry as quickly. The fabric is pretty durable and can stand up for a number of washes. Few cotton blankets are made from organic varieties and non toxic dies are used which are perfect for your baby. They can be processed without harsh bleaches or toxins.


Muslin is a cotton fibre which is designed with an open weave. It is really breathable and soft to touch and weave. These are a really popular choice among parents since they are really affordable and easy to clean as well.


Microfiber blankets tend to stain and liquid resistant.  They also provide the same warming benefits offered by traditional blankets. They tend to be very durable and are a piece of cake to clean.



Fleece blankets are stain resistant, lightweight and easy to clean and dry. They are made from 100% polyester and they are great for insulating heat. Many parents tend to keep synthetic fibres away from the baby’s skin so this type of blanket is mostly used for layering.


Flannel blankets can be made from wool, synthetic fibres or cotton fibres. These blankets are more useful in the cold weather. They are really useful for insulating heat. They are perfect for layering but not as good as an all around baby blanket.

Natural fibers

Baby blankets which are made from natural fibres are marked was eco-friendly. Some of them also tend to be antimicrobial or hypo-allergenic. Bamboo is used the most in case of these natural fibre baby blankets.


Wool blankets can have a coarse texture since the fabric tends to be very stringy so it is not advised that you use a wool blanket all year around. Also, wool tends to insulate a lot of heat so it is better used during winter seasons. They are great partnered with another blanket while the wool one is used for layering.

Faux fur

These blankets are made from 100% cotton and are very soft. Parents prefer these blankets due to the fact that they exhibit some interesting patterns and designs. They can keep the baby engaged and happy. They are best used as a throw, wrap or play mat. These blankets can be a bit hard to clean although they are made from cotton.


These blankets are made from textured yarn are of wool, cotton or silk. They have a pile texture and resemble a caterpillar. They are really soft to touch and feel like velvet.

If you go for organic baby bedding that is the best. Organic toddler blankets tend to the safest and they are also extremely comfortable.




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