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Two most popular blankets on the market for babies are made from either polyester or cotton. Cotton although is a natural fibre takes a lot of chemicals and pesticides to grow. Although these blankets are known for their softness and comfort they should be aware that there are significant environmental concerns. There are many pesticides used to farm cotton which hold carcinogens. That is very bad for your baby.

The other popular type of baby blanket on the market is the polyester fleece blanket. The chemical compound used for that type of blanket is the same you will find in plastic bottles which are polyethene terephthalate. To make polyester crude oil is broken down into petrochemicals. This is what forms polyester fibres. These blankets can be a little hazardous to babies if you are not paying attention. Although the chances are still very unlikely it pays to be careful and make sure that you are doing everything in your power to keep your baby safe. 

Alternative options

Nowadays there are several alternative options which have come across which are better for your baby as well as the environment. There are various natural fibres like bamboo and cashmere which is great alternatives. Merino wool is another fabric which is great for baby blankets. Organic muslin wrapping blanket is another amazing option for a baby blanket. And the most widely used type of fabric for baby blankets is organic cotton. Organic cotton fabric blankets are a great option since they retain all the necessities of the fabric and deliver very comfortable and soft blankets however it doesn’t hold any traces of pesticides or insecticides. They are naturally grown so they are extremely good for the baby and the environment. When you are buying any baby blanket make sure to check if the label says “certified organic”, this means that this fibre was grown in an organic way. The fibre has met the standards of organic farming and processing and there are no synthetic fibres in the production method.


There are various things a parent can do:

Firstly you must read the label on the back of the package to see what it says. It will tell you exactly what the blanket is made of. Is it natural or a synthetic fibre? Does it mention that the blanket is certified organic? The better knowledge you have regarding the stuff you buy for your baby they more you will have a grasp of what is good for your baby. Research and go through the internet to see which companies offer certified organic baby blankets. There are several companies which so go through them and find out more about them.


The best choice for any baby products is to go completely organic and it sit eh same in the case of baby blankets. Although you may find it a bit hard to find such products they are available. Contact the store keeper and ask them if they can bring some for you. Or you can go through the internet and find the ones which you like. There are various wonderful organic cotton blankets which will delight your baby and at the same time keep the environment healthy. Try to get the best choice for your baby. There may be companies which are claiming they offer the best products but you as a parent need to know what you need. Do your research in the matter and trust your judgement take help from people but do not go about a decision blindly. You are buying this stuff for your baby and remember that no one will be more concerned than you in such cases.


Baby blankets are a must for any baby. Also, make sure that you check to see which size of baby blanket your child feels comfortable in. baby blankets tend to come in a variety of different sizes. Many parents think that buying a baby blanket will help the toddler more. That is not true as the larger the blanket the higher the chances of the baby getting wrapped and trapped in it. Go for organic baby clothes as well as organic baby bedding since they are the best option for the baby and the environment. Organic toddler blankets can be found easily nowadays.




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