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Breaking your head over what is the most appropriate thing to give the baby? Not to worry. There are a lot of things these days, made specifically to make the parents’ life easier in these hectic times. Whatever you decide to gift has to be attractive to the baby, if not it isn’t really useful. The kids are never going to accept anything out of the shelf. They are extremely picky and to gift, you have understand what kids want these days. We can help you with a few options that will solve your problem of deciding what to gift the baby.

  1. A lunch box:

Kids of age 3 are now sent to preschools so that their parents can work without worrying. If the kid you have to gift is also of 3 years or greater, then naturally the parents will have started incorporating good habits in them slowly. This lunch box will do exactly that. It comes with a hand sanitizer for the kids and thus gives him the habit to sanitize hands before eating. This box will not open unless the sanitizer is removed so there is no way the kid is going to forget to keep his hands clean before he eats.

  1. The complete set:

If you have been to a baby’s house, you would have definitely seen how many things are needed for the complete care of the baby. Right from skin care to hygiene, there are a number of products that are going to help the parent take care of the baby. The complete set contains:

  • Baby Cream 50 ml
  • Baby Massage Oil 100 ml
  • Baby Powder 100 g
  • Diaper Rash Cream 20 g
  • Gentle Baby Wipes 72's
  • Gentle Baby Shampoo 200 ml
  • Gentle Baby Soap 125 g
  1. Baby pillows

As we all know, a newborn baby’s head is too tender to use a normal pillow. There are specific pillows that are to be used so that the baby doesn’t get flat head syndrome. These baby pillows conform themselves to the head shape of the baby. It is very comfortable to the baby as it divides the pressure of the baby’s head evenly across its surface. Mustard seeds have been used since ages as baby pillows. They help increase blood circulation, reduce ear infection and soothe the sinuses.

  1. Bumchum diapers:

These have snap on inserts and are very easy to clean and change. Once an insert is soiled, one simply needs to wipe the cover, snap on another insert and you are all set, making these our most eco-friendly diapering solution! They fit completely well around the baby’s legs as they have hip snaps. The fabric has anti-bacterial properties and thus is suitable for babies prone to rashes. The most important feature of the bumchum diapers is its cost and they are ideal for budget conscious moms.

  1. Wrapping blanket:

These are made from cotton muslin which is one of the most cherished and oldest woven fabrics. The wrapping blanket  is made with dual layer cotton which is extremely comfortable for the baby. These don’t lose their properties with time; instead become softer and better with age and will always find a use for the baby.

Give any of these gifts and you will find the parents thankful for them. Bringing in such small things for their kids will make them remember you. So throw off the conventional toys and gift something that will make a difference in the kids’ life.


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