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Baby bibs are a handy thing to have. No parent can deny how many times the clothing of a baby was saved due to to a good bib. Due to this reason bibs are coming out in new fashion nowadays. Now you get some of the most stylish bibs which you can think of. These bibs look amazing and sometimes are a part of eth outfit itself which the baby is wearing. They are extremely useful for catching food, dribble and look extremely cute since they come in attractive baby bibs patterns. What else could you want for your baby?

Here are some bibs and how they look on a baby

Plain bibs

The traditional bib which has been around for decades, these are cotton bib and are sometimes made out of materials like poplin cotton as well. They look amazing with the small pocket at the bottom to catch food. The efficiency of these bibs is off the charts and reason why people love to use them so much. If you are looking for an all rounder bib which will look amazing on your baby and is functional regular bibs sit eh way to go. Companies are nowadays bringing our new designs for these bibs which feature patterns and and other prints on the bibs to make them look cooler.


Feeding bibs

Feeding bibs like the name says is generally used during feeding time. These bibs tend to be a bit longer and also include a plastic pouch to catch food items or dribble. These bibs are available in a variety of different colours and prints which include animals and cartoon characters. These designs also serve a purpose. Granted they look extremely cute and cool but these designs also keep the baby engaged so that you can go about the feeding the baby without much of a problem. Stylish and cute bibs tend to curt down the feeding time by a huge margin. And once you are done with them you just have to wash them off properly and wipe down the plastic part and the bib will be as good as new.

Sleeved bibs

Sleeved bibs are immensely useful for babies who tend to never sit still. These are actually like proper upper body clothing. They cover the entire arms and chest of the baby and look amazingly cute. The baby when wearing the bib will not realise that he is being fed since these bibs come in attractive colours. You will love the smile the babies will display once you make them wear the bib. It will also get rid of any irritated mood which the baby may be feeling while being fed.


Dribble/Bandana Bibs

Dribble bibs tend to serve two purposes. They catch dribble and also look very cool. They come in a massive range of designs. These bibs are also called bandana bibs because when worn they look very much like a bandanna. When the dribble runs off the baby’s mouth these bibs are very useful in catching them. It helps a lot in reducing dribble rash. These bibs look like bandannas and come in a variety of patterns. You get prints of guns, polka dots or stars on the bibs. They are very stylish and during winter seasons you can make the baby wear these bibs to help thwart off the cold.


Novelty bibs

If you want even greater stylish factors then you should opt for novelty bibs. Novelty bibs is a special type of bib where the bibs is shaped in a regular manner but offer designs and prints of famous cartoon and anime characters. These bibs are extremely cool and very affordable. Your baby will love to wear them in fact he may feel upset when you take the bib off to clean them.

Buy stylish bibs since babies love colours. If you pick a boring dull bib then babies tend to sulky since their senses are not as engaged. Bright colours are a great motivating factor for kids so pick a bib which displays that. Similarly even when you buy burp clothes, make sure that the piece is colourful and cool looking. It doesn’t hurt to make your baby look nice. You can find a variety of cool baby bibs in super markets.



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