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Making sure that the baby blanket being used by your child is of top quality of not is a necessity. You do not wish to give him a bad baby blanket since there are a lot factors involved in the upbringing of the baby when it comes to baby blankets.

How do you choose a baby blanket?

Baby blankets are used in a number of ways. They are used to wrap newborns, cover sleeping babies or just to serve as a soft area for the baby to play in. it also helps to keep the baby warm when the weather is a bit chilly. These are just some of the uses of a baby blanket. Baby blankets are found in a number of styles and thicknesses. There are also a number of fabrics which is used to make baby blankets. One very popular choice is Organic muslin weapping blanket.

Due to this a baby blanket needs to be durable, easy to clean, look good and most of all be comfortable on the baby’s skin. A child grows a heavy sentiment to the blanket when he has been with it for some time since babies tend to feel safe in familiar environment and the blanket gives them a sense of familiarity in unknown places. And just like organic baby clothes it is also better if you go for organic blankets.


Now how to do your get the best baby blankets which will feel marvellous on your toddler’s skin? Here are a few ways.

Three of the most popular types of baby blankets are

Receiving Blankets

These are lightweight blankets which are used to cover newborns and infants. They can also be used to clean up drools and other baby messes. They are nearly 30 inches square. Since these blankets are more likely to get dirty it is better to have a number of them at hand.


Swaddling Blankets

These blankets are used to wrap up babies tightly and are often used to calm down crying babies. These are sold in a number of sizes and shapes. On an average go for the 42 inch square to make sure that your baby is feeling comfy in the blanket.

Baby quilts

These are the blankets which are used for bedding purposes s they can used to lie down the baby. The standard size for a comfy crib quilt is 45 by 60 inches.


Just like the size the fabric of a baby blanket is also important. Here are some of the fabrics which babies love the feel of.


Cotton tends to be one of the most comfortable materials for baby blankets. They are also one of the least expensive options out there. The fabric is breathable, soft and cool. Babies love the feel of this type of blankets. One down side is that cotton tends to take a long time to dry however the absorbent capabilities of this fabric are off the charts. This fabric produces amazing organic toddler blankets.


Muslin is a cotton fibre which is designed with an open weave. It is soft to touch so the baby will love it and the fabric is also breathable. They are also really easy to clean and economical.



You need to buy the correct type of wool blanket when you buy one for a baby. There is a type of wool blanket out there which is very soft to touch and babies love it. They are the perfect choice during heavy winters when the baby wishes to stay toasty and snug inside a soft heaven.

Faux Fur

Another fabric which feels very good on the baby’s skin is faux fur. Blankets made from this fabric tend to be 100% cotton and very soft. These blankets can be used as a throw, wrap or play mat. It is a little troublesome to clean but that is nothing you cannot get by.

Natural fibres

Natural fibres are eco friendly and tend to be great option for baby blanket fabric. These tend to be organically grown so babies’ skin does not come in contact with any kind of chemicals or something. Bamboo is one of the main natural fibre blankets which you can try. Baby’s love the soft feel when they lie around even when they tend to move around in the blanket the soft fabric gives them a velvety surface and touch. They tend to be the perfect choice for organic baby bedding.


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