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  There are various types of baby blankets available to you nowadays. With so many options it can get a little difficult to differentiate between all of them. Baby blankets tend to come in all shapes and sizes. They also include a variety of fabrics and colours. Some of the blankets come adorned with cartoon characters or animals or plain exciting patterns. But whatever type the blanket is no parent can deny that baby blankets extremely useful for a new born. Blankets like Organic muslin weapping blanket are extremely useful for parents. There are also ways to get personalised baby blankets for your baby. But before you do that you should get to know just what kind of baby blankets are there. Just like organic baby clothes try to find organic blankets for your baby.

Firstly you need to know while all f them are called baby blankets there are specific uses for each of them. There are four main types of baby blankets. These are receiving blankets, security blankets, swaddling blankets, and crib blankets. Be sure to think about the need of the baby and then go for a blanket which you think the baby needs. Remember that a baby blanket will be a very personal item for your baby so choose wisely as the baby will most likely get very fond of the blanket over time. Take these factors into consideration when you buy a blanket for your baby.

What are the different uses of each type of baby blankets?

Receiving blanket

These tend to be the most common and versatile type of baby blanket you will find in the market. These are multifunctional baby blanket which measures about one yard across and can be used for various reasons. These can be used to lay the baby down on unfamiliar surfaces although it’s best if you do not do that. It will also provide a great cushion for the baby’s skin from the crib’s wood. It will also be able to catch dribble, swaddle and pretty much anything the baby throws at it. The uses of this blanket are numerous. It is a must for parents that they have a receiving blanket in hand after the baby is born.


Security Blanket

Security blankets tend to provide a lot of comfort for a newborn. They are typically made of soft plush or fleece and sometimes have a stuffed animal attached to them to keep the baby engaged and cheerful.  They tend to be extremely durable since babies cannot live without them since they are extremely fond of such blankets. These are the blankets which the kids grow fond of even when they have grown up so make sure when you are buying one it means something to you and your family. Security blankets also tend to provide a soothing comfort for your baby.

Swaddling Blanket

Swaddling blankets are very much similar to baby blankets and they help to provide comfort, calm and relaxation for the baby. These keep the baby enveloped in comfort. They also tend to differ since they come with attachments which do up and make it easy to swaddle a baby. Few types also stay wrapped on the upper body of the baby while the lower half can be removed for changing diapers. This is very useful during winter seasons as the baby is not exposed totally to the cold in case of a diaper change. The hook and loop swaddle blankets tend to keep the baby warm and cozy throughout the day.  

Crib Blanket

The last type of baby blanket which you should know about is baby blankets for the crib.  There are various types of such blankets available including crib sheets, blankets and crib bedding sets. These blankets are really comfortable as it gives the baby a comfortable surface to squirm around in inside the crib. Although remember that you must never use a blanket while the baby is sleeping in the crib as he may get tangled up in the blanket and suffocate. Shop accordingly to what type you need and you will be fine. After all a baby blanket is an investment which will stay with you, so choose wisely.


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