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Cute little babies are so innocent to take care of their health and so it’s upon the mothers to select the best for them. Their skin being extremely sensitive, it is highly important that only organic products are used for the babies that would prevent every allergic reaction caused to the body. Synthetic products are made Phthalates which is hidden under the name “Fragrance”. It is a prime chemical used for fragrances in every product and this dangerous chemical causes severe damage to skin particularly to the male reproductive system. On the other hand we have organic perfumes which contain rich herbs and natural ingredients that would suffice the skin with many nutrients and give a rejuvenating effect. Organic fragrances possess physical and emotional healing properties like mood-lifting, calming, energy-enhancing or relaxing. Apart from health benefits, the organic perfumes are eco-friendly and economic for the budget having no extra cost. Many other advantages are enumerated below:

Natural Essential Oils

The organic perfumes use pure essential oils for fragrances which would have a long-lasting effect on your babies and would also have a positive effect on the growth of your babies. Jungle Magic Crawlly Green Apple is rich in essential oils and has a very funky name and cartoon character imprinted on its packing that would improve to be a great attraction for the kids of 3-14 yrs. It helps in improving the concentration of the babies and gives a refreshing effect to the mind of your kids. While increasing the alertness it is the skin vitalizing perfume packed in smart caterpillar shaped bottle. Another perfume under same brand is Jungle Magic Doggy Strawberry contains the strawberry fragrance as the one of the main ingredient. It comes in an adorable dog shaped glass bottle having similar revitalizing effects as the other products of same brand.

Preventing Allergies

Baby skin needs to be highly taken care of because it is too delicate to use all such synthetic products having all sorts of petrochemicals causing nausea, migraines and skin pigmentation. The natural Hypo allergenic perfumes provide considerations for skin sensitivity with luxury fragrances without any compromise on the quality. Moreover the best thing about these organic perfumes is that they are not tested on the animals unlike the synthetic products thereby saving animals from the mistreatment. Some beautifully designed products with pure herbs and essential oils used for fragrances are Jungle Magic Owl Pomegranate and Jungle Magic ducky Lemon having highly beneficial qualities with adorable stickers on their packets.

Comfort your Baby

Non-Alcoholic baby perfumes are the ones providing calm, comfort and soothing effect on the babies and preventing all types of irritations over the skin. The natural scent being provided by high class essential oils is the main benefit for the skin and some other herbs, fruits extracts, plants and natural essence are used for the fragrance and for extracting these organic perfumes. Omved Nursery Mist has all the required qualities of the Organic Mist with the combination of Lavender, Chamomile, Rose and Geranium. All these herbs are rich in personal and long- lasting mesmerising fragrances imparting a sensational effect to these organic perfumes. Chamomile is used for comforting and soothing the baby while Rose uplifts and Geranium refreshes. Lavender is the main ingredient having anti-bacterial properties that neutralizes the odours and produces the sweet airy aroma keeping your healthy with a good fragrance. It is indeed a unique blend of therapeutic natural essential oils used for your baby’s relaxation.

Possessing nutrients, vitamins, natural herbs, fruit extract all together are the Organic Perfumes which are becoming new choice of the modern people due to rising allergic reactions. Hurry up and choose your choice.


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