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One thing, you need to be extremely careful to evade a diaper rash occurrence to your baby. The reasons given below are sometimes involuntary:

  1. Because of the diaper! - You might think that your baby is warm and cozy in those pants. But that is primarily one of the reasons. Warmth created by the diaper increases the moisture and the alkalinity of the skin. This type of atmosphere is most easy for infections and rash causing irritants.
  2. Rubbing them in! - Friction is another major cause. When you rub the tender skin, the thin, sensitive protective layer of the skin is destroyed therefore exposing it to irritants.
  3. I said to clean it immediately! - Poor baby! It just cries with that ugly smell. Irritants and infections from faeces in the diaper can penetrate the skin and cause rash. Urine on the other hand increases the alkalinity. So be alert next time!
  4. What’s this new taste? First time food can change the composition in the body and the stool. Also it can cause its body to do more work. All this factors combined can result in a diaper rash.

Wait? Where is the doctor? Lets take the baby to him now!

Chill! Not at all required. One thing, diaper rash is common. Second thing, it is easily treatable and disappears in three or four days if measures are taken. But, if there is a disturbing presence of pimples, blisters and secretions of yellow ooze, or even if the baby gets high temperature, the doctor could be of help.

So, after getting all the answers. Next time you must make sure not to repeat it. One major way of bringing the enlightenment in you is to switch to cloth diapers over the disposable ones.

  1. Since it is completely natural, your baby's skin will not react with any materials and be exposed to material based irritants. So a part of the problem solves there.
  2. Apart from this, the baby won’t be exposed to sodium polyacralate. Also cloth diapers are disposable and reduces carbon footprint. Lastly they are light on the wallet too.

Did you know? The everyday things in your home can act as the best doctor. Know them and thank them!

  1. Vinegar: Contact with urine can even burn the soft skin of the baby. Vinegar being an acid can neutralise the alkaline nature. To use its power, dip the diapers in vinegar solution before it wears them.
  1. Baking Soda: Dissolve baking soda in water in ratios 1:2. This mixture when applied on the skin while changing the diaper can heal the diaper rash.

  1. Petroleum jelly: A thin layer of petroleum jelly acts as an impervious layer to the irritants especially found in urine and faeces.
  2. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is rich in proteins and minerals. Protective layer of the skin is protected; also the oatmeal water mixture can soothe the skin. Even blemishes can be removed with just a wash.
  3. Coconut oil: Known for its antimicrobial properties, this is holy grail can act even as a moisturizer.

  1. Shea Butter: Its softness helps a lot in cell reformation. While blood circulation is promoted, its anti fungal properties heal diaper rashes when they are applied after a wash with lukewarm water.
  2. Plantain oil: Crushed plantain leaves or plantain oil is found to be very effective in soothing the skin and nullifying the rash.
Now that the diaper rash is cleared, catch your baby! Watch it play, laugh and enjoy but Beware! Keep guard against those microbes, they can strike anytime. But as they say, nature is the best healer.


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