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Oh my god! Your baby’s clothes are so cute. But oops. Was the diaper that you used just leaked?

My dear parent, do you face similar kind of problem? Do you face embarrassment when you shop in the store, and you realize that a trail of a thin stream of water that follows you, comes from your own baby’s position on your waist?

Like all the things that require parenting choices about a baby, the most basic and intimate one includes the selection of the diapers that your baby will wear. You might choose the disposable diapers for the ease which they provide, or go the old way and buy cloth diapers. 

With the emerging era, the demand for the disposable diapers took over the luster of the cloth ones. The first idea that comes to the mind of people about cloth diapers is that it is “a huge handkerchief tucked in place with safety pins”. But not anymore.

The new Cloth diapers are back with an amazing twist. With new fabrics, more absorbent pads and specially designed for the modern green-parents, there’s a whole lot to offer.

Six Reasons why cloth diapers are rocking the baby wardrobe:

  • They are in the new “avatar” and are Super- Cute.

You don’t have to worry about the looks of the diaper and the kind of baggage that it looks from behind, because now, they come in different textures, colors, patterns etc. that will make your baby look more adorable. Especially, when you dress your baby just in a diaper. Oh my! I can imagine the “extra-cute” look of your baby.


  • Because they save a lot of money.

Okay, who doesn’t want to save money in today’s time? The disposable or normal diapers may become an additional burden on your savings and may cost you a lot before your baby is potty-trained. Because the disposable diapers bring their extended family with them in the form of premium or bio-degradable options which cost even more.

Whereas our very own cloth diapers may even cost half the price of the normal ones and bring a smile to you and your baby’s face.


  • They are safe to use for they have no harmful chemicals.

Most of the disposable diapers are bleached with Dioxin and Sodium Polyacrylate. Whereas Dioxin causes nerve damage, changes to the immune system and birth defects, SoidumPolyacrylate, or the super-absorbent gel, links up to allergic reactions in many kids.

Cloth diapers, on the other hand, don’t carry such weightage on their Velcro or snap closures.


  • They are environment-friendly.

On an average, a baby uses four to eight thousand diapers in his or her life. Think about the amount of plastic used and the number of trees being cut for making these diapers. Not to forget, the chemicals and excess of water. On one hand we talk about conserving water and on the other, we waste it without giving it a second thought. But now, my dear parent, is the time to think and act.


  • They are more absorbent

Cloth diapers are more absorbent than the disposables and don’t cause diaper rashes or diaper marks on the sweet little bums of your baby.

  • They can be used again and again.

Wash them in safe detergents and you can use them over and over, till your baby is potty-trained. As they are soft against the baby skin, they don’t allow the moisture to settle and cause rashes. And without the harm of chemicals, they can be used for as long as you want.

Choosing the right diapers for your tiny tot is the best way to ensure that they stay happy and healthy throughout their childhood. Get the best organic diapers now and help them have a rash-free time.


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