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When it comes to feeding babies you generally go through the items which you should feed the baby. Have you ever wondered which items you should not be feeding your toddler? There are a number of food items which are really bad for your baby’s health and they are not very obvious so parents tend to think they would not cause any harm. You need to know which baby care products for newborn you should avoid as well. Here are some of the worst food items you could be feeding your toddler.

Crisps and crackers

It doesn’t really take a lot of crisps and crackers to push your baby’s appetite to through the window. That means that there will be less room for nutrient rich food items. These processed food items are not organic and tend to be very high in salts. Baby’s tend to have weak kidneys and cannot cope with more salt that this so make sure that they are not eating any such items.

Readymade meals for adults

This comes with the name. Adult food items are based for adults and there is no reason to feed them to your baby. These food items tend to have a very high amount of salt and sugar content which makes them really unsuitable for babies. If you wish to feed your toddler that item just cook it at home and you are done., however some food are definitely not meant for your toddler like spicy duck etc.


Little ones love sweets and chocolates but you should not be feeding them this stuff. The high content of sugar found in these chocolates etc is really bad for your health so try to avoid that completely. Sugar tends to make enamel attacking acid in your baby’s mouth. If your toddler loves to eat chocolates then give them to him during meal time. The salvia content of the baby during that time is high and that helps in neutralising the effects of tooth attacking acid. After your baby finished s the chocolate always give him or her piece of cheese to neutralise the sugar. Although make sure that it is not in huge quantity as babies cannot handle cheese very well.


Any spicy food

Babies need to experience different tastes so that their taste buds improve however that doesn’t mean your baby should be eating any kind of spicy food. Spicy food is horrible for your baby due to a variety of reasons. It doesn’t improve your baby’s taste bud rather burns the tongue. Babies tend to have very sensitive tongues and their digestive system is not that strong with that they would be digesting chilly powders like anything so make sure that your baby is not facing any spicy food. Even used as a topping make sure that the flavour is not spicy.

Fruit juice

Every parent thinks that fruit juice is a wonderful choice for their baby and they should be drinking that. But the truth is you should not be giving your baby any fruit juice just as you wouldn’t give your baby any kind of soft drinks. Fruit juices tend to have a high amount of natural sugar which doesn’t let the baby rest properly. Also babies tend to have a hard time digesting sugar so it is better left alone. Feed your baby milk or water which is perfect for any kind of thirst. Make sure that fruit juices are left alone. Although you are welcome to feed your baby organic fruit juice in the later stages of infancy but not during the first few months as that can develop tummy aches and several other problems. Diluted fruit juice and vegetable juice during meal time is fine but only after he has already started eating solid foods. Dilute any juice you are about to feed your toddler well making sure it is one part juice to ten parts water. Include vitamin C by adding diluted fruits in the meals so that your baby’s iron absorption capabilities increase.

These are some of the feeding products you should never feed your child. There are many well known food products to try out which you can find in many baby care products list. It helps to know the worst baby care products as well as the best baby care products.


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