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Keeping a baby rash free from wearing diapers can be tricky. Many companies claim that their diapers are state of the art and they do not cause rash etc. That is not true. Most of the diapers you will find in the market disposable or cloth causes rash if you are t careful. There are ways to prevent diaper rash but you need to know them properly. Remember one thing, diapers are meant to be used for the comfort of the parent. They are not always comfortable for a baby. You need to remember that most of the diapers found in the market display similar properties and have similar effects on the skin of your baby. Now you need to consider exactly what kind of items does your toddler’s buttock come in contact to? Poop and pee tend to very harmful for your baby’s skin if the skin is exposed to them for a prolonged period of time. They cause diaper rash which is really harmful for your baby’s skin. Also the chaffing which the diapers cause is really uncomfortable for the baby as it gives off a very stinging feel. Chemical irritants include soaps, wipes, and creams which when comes in contact with the new skin of the baby there may be a diaper rash involving. Various baby products company offer ointments to get rid of diaper rash.

To keep the baby’s tosh in tip top shape there are a few preventive approach which you need to follow.

Changing diapers often

Most parents make the mistake of thinking that since the company is saying that the diaper stores this much liquid the baby is fine. In truth the case is not that simple. Whenever the baby is pooping or has peed it can come in contact with the baby’s skin and a major rash can develop. Avoid such cases. Change diapers promptly whenever you see that the baby is making any face which is uncommon that usually means that the baby has pooped. Even if you are using disposable diapers try to check since they tend to block odour and wetness.

Are you checking if the baby’s bottom is completely dry before you diaper her? Any kind of wetness can cause moisture to develop. Moisture is one of the key factors for diaper rash so try to avoid that. Pat dry the baby’s bottom properly or blow on her bottom to dry up the buttocks. Or use a clean diaper to fan her dry. Make sure that the skin is totally dry before you apply the new diaper though. Or else your baby will be facing sure shot diaper rash.


Let your baby’s skin breathe. Most parents to keep their baby’s bottom covered with a diaper all day long. This is really bad for the baby’s skin. Leave a little room in between the diaper and the skin.  Also make sure that the diaper doesn’t leak. Keeping the diaper closed too tightly can cause chaffing so beware of that.

Avoid using any kind of scented wipes of diapers. They may smell good but they contain harmful chemicals which dry out and irritate the baby’s skin. Use unscented ones which are especially made for sensitive skins. You can dab clean your baby’s bottom using cotton balls or a soft wash cloth.  

Put your baby on a cloth diaper or an absorbent pad and let your baby enjoy dome fresh air. Let her be diaper free for a little while each day. It will also let her move about freely which she will enjoy greatly.

If you are still seeing red spots on your baby’s bottom then you could try some ointment for diaper rash. There are various types found in the market. But before you use them consult your physician first as not all the ointments available are good for your baby. If the diaper rash persist for more than 48 or 72 hours then consult your physician immediately. Also if you see that pus blisters and boils those are some worrisome symptoms and consult your physician immediately. There are various newborn baby products available for diaper rash but go through them to see which ones are the best.




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