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Finding gifts for your friend or relatives babies is a bit tricky business. Since they are not kids yet you need to find out a proper gift for them. You cannot just pick out random toys since they can’t play with toys yet there are several factors which you need to consider. Firstly it is much useful for parents and babies if you give them something they can use. Pick out a good looking baby blanket or a baby bundle. It will keep the parents happy and also make sure that the children are are not feeling left out. Although there is a huge selection of baby care products for newborn there is one which stands out. One very exceptional gift item which you can gift new parents is feeding items. Feeding products are needed in numbers. Every baby needs a myriad of bottles and teases to go through. Due to this fact parents have to buy a number of such feeding bottles as well. Here are some of the options of feeding bottles which make for great gifts.


Standard baby bottles                 

These are toes you find everywhere. They are the most common type and a set of these bottles would make the toddler as well as the parent really happy. They can be fir with a range of standard tits and have self sealed lids. They can be easily placed in your diaper bag and are super affordable. The narrow neck can be a little hard to fill but it is manageable.

Wide-necked baby bottles

These tend to be much shorter and fatter than standard bottles. They take the same amount of milk incapacity. They tend to take silicon or latex but normally have a self sealing lid. These are really easy to clean and have anti colic properties.


Anti-colic bottles

Anti colic bottles are designed to make sure that the baby doesn’t take in a lot of air while the baby feeds. To reduce this factor these bottles tend to have air vents or tubes or collapsible bags for the milk.

Unusually shaped baby bottles

Some of these bottles are shaped in very funny ways to engage and interest babies. They are also shaped in a way which will make it easier for the babies to hold them in their little hands. A common design is any oval shaped bottles with a hole in the middle to grip the bottles properly. These are really easy for babies to hold and encourage older babies so that they can drink unaided.

Heat sensitive baby bottles

These are a very neat type of baby bottle which you will love to gift. These bottles tend to have a built in temperature sensor to indicate when the milk is too hot. They are perfect for any kind of new parent. You do not have to check the temperature of the milk by drinking it anymore.

Self-sterilising baby bottles

These bottles tend to solve all your sterilising problems. They do not require any extra equipment for sterilising. Just pour water to the base of the bottle and arrange the bottle pars. After that just microwave it and you are good to go. These bottles tend to be very useful travelling.

Baby bottle ‘sets’ or ‘systems’

Go for baby bottles which have trainer spouts or handles attached to them. They make for a great gift since not many people know about these. These bottles can be perfect for babies a little older. You make good money if you stick with the same bottle so it is needed that you buy a few of the similar design. This can be a problem.

Disposable baby bottles

The bottles generally aren’t disposable the bags are. There are sterilised bags fit into the bottles to hold the milk. Those hold the sterilising properties. Just throw the bags away when the baby is done with his meal after that replace the used bag with a new one. You get a set of bags with the bottle when you buy it.

These are just some of the best baby care products you can gift a new parent. They will surely love the gesture as these are great additions to the baby’s inventory. Go through any baby care products list online to see more about them.


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