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The first promise of a mother to her child will be to keep the child comfortable at all times. For the first few months, being comfortable is not crying and sleeping peacefully. Both of which might be controlled by the type of diaper that the baby wears.

This diaper, it’s just like a bag to carry the Poop around until the baby gets cleaned up and a new diaper is replaced.

There are two choices for carrying the baby’s poop, either in a disposable diaper or a diaper inserts.

The obvious choice will be cloth diapers because they are effective, reusable, and economical and they can be boiled in water to sterilize them.

Until the diaper is replaced, the baby should feel comfortable which is determined based on -


  • The baby’s is going to grow; and fast. A diaper that fit the baby yesterday may be tight or not fit properly today.
  • Since a proper fit plays an important role in keeping in poop and pee, it is important that the cloth diaper fits the baby correctly.


  • The diaper should be able to absorb the pee and most importantly retain it without any leaks.


  • The inner material of the diaper should be really soft, the securing tabs should stay put, and the seam and edges also need to feel seamless; to prevent chaffing.


There are three different ways to catch your baby’s poop and wee with different types of diapers.

Diaper Wrap 

  • Also known as all in twos, this system is made up of two parts; a cloth diaper and a cover. The cloth diaper catches the poop and wee.
  • It also stops the two from soaking through and making a mess.

Diaper Insert 

  • This is made of two separate parts; a waterproof cloth diaper and an absorbent fabric insert.
  • The diaper wrap is waterproof to prevent leaks while the absorbent insert helps soak up moisture inside the diaper.


  • This diaper has only one part. Absorbent material is directly sewn into the diaper wrap while the exterior is waterproof to prevent leaks.

Since cloth diaper inserts are preferred more, the modern diaper industries have developed different types with different materials


  • A very popular material in India mainly due to the weather. Cotton is long lasting and durable making it very suitable for diaper use.


  • This is not an ideal diaper material. It can be irritating to the baby’s skin and difficult to clean.


  • Bamboo by nature has the ability to absorb more water and addition to this it also has the anti-bacterial property.


  • Hemp has very good absorbing capabilities and it also prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface.
  • It is usually combined with other materials so as to increase its absorption rate.
  • This is more durable and so it can be used as night time guard.


  • More commonly used in diaper covers than cloth diapers. Resistant to bacterial growth and can be made water resistant.
  • Requires more maintenance than other materials.

After all this comes the part where the parent has to choose a diaper based on comfort of the baby and as well as the parent.

Even after all this research, figuring out a baby can be very tedious; but don’t give up because at the end of it all there will be no regrets; just memories.


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