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Have you already started researching on how to become a good parent, how to take care of a baby and more. Researched on diapers? You will be like- ‘yeah I took baby wearing diaper lessons from YouTube.’ But you didn’t “research” on quality of the diaper. It is really important what the baby wears and if that diaper suits him.

How to make baby wear cloth diaper

Singing a song or some action for which the baby is stable during the time of changing cloth nappy. It helps.

  • Checking the quality of the organic cloth diaper (whether it is torn or has some defects.
  • It is rectangular in shape which is divided into 3 sections. So make sure you keep the cloth straight.
  • Holding the baby’s legs up and place below the cloth diaper.
  • Pin the diaper with a big safety pin and close the flaps properly.
  • Make sure you don’t mess it up.
  • Have at least a dozen of them and it is washable friendly!
  • Lastly, play with the baby once he is all dry from the bottom.

Types of Cloth Diapers

  1. Flat Diaper

It’s like a big square shaped cloth which can be folded in anyway. That’s why it is called as flats. It is one of the cheapest diapers but when the baby poops it can mess up your flat diapers. After some wash the cloth gets worn out.

  1. Prefold Diaper

It is a rectangular shaped cloth with is divided into 3 sections.  Prefold diapers are folded with proper placement, the middle part is the absorbent part and other two flaps are pinned or have velcro. It is most comfortable cloth diaper for babies because it contains air circulation and baby’s happy time.

  1. Fitted Diaper

It is made from cotton, bamboo or hemp materials. It is absorbent but not waterproof which can cause rash to the baby’s bottom. This diaper stands by its name – fit. It fits the baby’s bum correctly without any gap for air too.

  1. Hybrid Diapers

Hybrid diapers is a mixture of cloth and disposable diapers which has outer cover and absorbent inserts. The outer cover and we reused even if the insert is all pooped up. Both are washable.

Benefits of using organic cloth diaper

  • It is baby-friendly and they feel free while sleeping which makes them happy all day.
  • The cost of it is reasonable and affordable.
  • Chances of the rash reduce.
  • It is washable and can be reused once it is dried up.
  • It doesn’t leave wet marks on the baby.
  • They are hygiene and have an absorbent part.
  • It poses air circulation to the baby on his/her bottoms.
  • Organic cloth diapers are soft and don’t cause any irritation to the baby.
  • It comes many types and shapes.

When changing the cloth apply some lotion or pat the bottom gently. The baby will feel nice with massage. Everyday baby wearing diaper can give him/her “diaper rash” which makes baby’s bottom red with small dots like pimples. The baby becomes very irritated with it and you can begin to lose patience.

So switch to Organic Cloth Diaper for growth of your baby’s happiness and matargashti around you.

Start using organic and throw all synthetic diapers. Give the baby joy of natural things.  You will see the baby’s bottom soft and rash free. Knowing that you are waiting to buy the organic cloth diapers.

Be Environmental Friendly!!


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