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They are your precious little bundle of joys. They regularly, without fail add a little extra something to your life. They smile and all you can think of is “Can there be anything more Beautiful?”

Children in general and infants in particular have very sensitive skins. If not taken due care of, could easily be damaged. As a parent it becomes our responsibility to take care of our tiny tots with proper diligence.

When a baby is born his/ her skin is:

  • Will be blotchy, bumpy, and anything but perfect for the first couple of months. 
  • Their skins are a work in progress — including its melanin, the pigment that helps absorb the sun’s rays. Their skin burns far quicker than that of an adult or an older kid for that matter.
  • Most babies love a gentle rubdown. Every time we touch, kiss, massage, or caress them, love hormones are generated.
  • If you gave birth prematurely, his/her body may be covered with fine hair (called lanugos) for the first few days (Of course this will shed off with the passage of time).
  • Their thighs might be deliciously chubby, but in earlier stages, your baby’s skin is ultra-thin.

These are some of the facts relating to these precious little ones that we should never ignore. Keeping in mind to all these facts we as a parent should make sure that our little sweetie receives all the love that they deserve.

Proper hygiene and food at right times are the primary steps. Blankets are one such way in which you can take care of your little tots. Blankets play a lot more than one role in your little one’s life along with other baby necessities.

  • When they are young, creative blankets keeps them entertained. A cute flowery blanket may just do the trick.
  • Blankets with cool or funky or knowledgeable quotes teach kids especially of older age good morals.
  • Soft blankets help to keep the kids calm.
  • A blanket is nice to cuddle with. A sleeping bag is a nice replacement too.

Different types of baby blankets and their uses:

  • RECIEVING BLANKET – Used to lay baby down on floor, to provide a buffer between the baby and the hard, cold floor. It could also be used for swaddle, catch spit-up and drools. It has varied other uses too.

  • SECURITY BLANKET – These are basically an all time use blankets. Babies carry these around absolutely everywhere. These blankets hold a world of memories and hence most people tend to hold on to them through their lives.

  • SWADDLING BLANKET – As the name suggests, these are used for swaddling the babies. They come with attachments that do up and helps you to carry the baby.
  • CRIB BLANKET – These should be chosen keeping comfort of the body as a priority. These blankets should not be used when the baby is asleep in the crib.

One can always go for personalised blankets for their little ones. If nothing else, when they older these small gestures on your part will act as a very cherish able memory for your kids when they grow up.  

Truly they are going to appreciate that cute blanket when they grow old, a lot...because, it’s not the money or the fact that the baby won’t realise the import of the act at the time, but the gestures and the emotions of you as parent that will count and hence is of the material importance. A blanket does not just provide warmth to one’s body but also to one’s heart.


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