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Buying diapers can be a tedious task for any parent. They tend to focus on too many factors. While there are a number of factors which a new parent needs to focus on while buying newborn baby diapers but there is one in particular they should pay close attention to. This is which size diapers the baby should wear. Bay diaper sizes can be a bit tricky. New born sizes are followed by everyone when a baby is born but what after that? As the baby grows older diaper sizes will also change. You can go for a reliable company which offer a good variety of sizes covering all stages of infancy so that you never have to worry about baby diapers. Also make sure that you pick a company from the beginning which offers good number sizes. This is done so that the baby doesn’t have to feel a different diaper on his buttocks because the previous company didn’t have the size you wanted. Make sure you follow that and you are good to go. Here listed are a few things you should pay attention to so that you know when your baby may need a bigger diaper.

Frequent leaks or blowouts

If your baby is constantly leaking through the diapers or having blowouts it is a good time to move onto a bigger size of diapers. Leakage happens when the diaper tends to be too small for the baby. While many parents think that it is a problem with the brand of diapers they are using that is not the case. Simply put a little diaper will not be able to contain your baby’s messes. You need to get a proper size of diapers. Try to size up and see if that helps.

Pay attention to the box

Baby diapers are categorised in accordance to baby weight. For example if you have a baby which is of 16 pounds then the diaper size needs to be of around 18. If the baby is reaching the upper limit of the diaper’s weight category then you need the change the diaper size. Also remember that weight is different for all babies. The diapers have an average size printed on them. If you have a 3 month infant who is big for his age then go for a bigger size diaper. There is no need to feel worries about that. Try different sizes and see which works the best for your child.

Red marks

If your baby is exhibiting red marks along the thighs it can mean that the diaper is too tight. Babies tend to have a very soft skin. Due to this if the diaper is too tight the baby feels uncomfortable. This is a common problem. You need to make sure that baby is not feeling any kind of discomfort while wearing the diaper. Red marks come only when the diaper is too tight and it shows that it is time to move up a size.


Check the waist

If you have any kind of trouble connecting the diaper straps or Velcro straps at the waist it is a sign that the diaper is too small for your baby’s waist. A diaper is supposed to close easily and make a perfect fit without any kind of pulling. A properly frit diaper is supposed to come up to just under your baby’s belly button so pay attention to that. If the fitting is not up to mark then it is time to change the diaper.


Try different companies

Different companies tend to have different sizes of diapers. When you are a new parent you may think that all company diapers are of the same size but that is not the case. Where one company’s diaper may fit your baby extremely well that same sized diaper from a different many may not do the job at all for your baby. So pay attention to which company diaper you are using and plan to use in the future. These same factors also apply to baby cloth diapers. They also exhibit similar size patterns. Although you will be using them for a long time so buying them is not that confusing. You can find various baby diapers online.


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