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Lift your princess/prince legs with your hand and clean the baby’s mess with a soft wet cloth. You can even clean with wet cotton or wipes. Clean their genitals with wet and then dry clothes. To prevent diaper rash apply ointment and lotion.

If your baby boy penis foreskin is not cut then clean their testicles and other genital parts with soft cotton cloth. Use dry clean cloth too. If your baby boy penis foreskin is cut due to your religion tradition then apply some petroleum jelly for the betterment. The head of the penis will take one week to heal. Do not worry seeing their penis head yellow it will heal with time. If any problem, then consult your doctor for your baby’s care.

The Change Game

For parents, it is like the mission to buy the best diapers for their babies. Because no parent wants their baby to suffer at this point of time. So parents are you ready? It’s Showtime!!

Some tips:

  • You are all sleepy after a tiring day and your baby wakes up at the middle of the night. You got to feed her, but you are satisfied that you don’t have to worry about her diaper because it’s waterproof.
  • If your baby is suffering from diaper rash then you got to change her every time she/he is wet and apply some lotion for some relief.
  • Whenever you change your baby diaper, sing some song or hum or do some funny action which makes them laugh. This makes them distracted and you can change their nappy happily.
  • Switch to cloth diapers too for some air circulation. Or else the baby gets irritated with the fitted or stuck diaper. They become restless.
  • Always change their diaper in a proper position and place. Do not hurt yourself or your baby with your actions or positions of holding. It can hurt them and cause pain.
  • Always have stock of diapers, soft cloth, cotton, lotion and their bathing necessities.

How to choose the best diaper

Diapers can be of cotton or synthetic. You got to make a good choice for your baby, what your baby would wear and what type of quality.

  • Get samples of diapers which you get in the market and see if the baby is comfortable.
  • Do little research on diapers.
  • Learn how to make your baby wear a diaper.
  • See the material of the diaper before buying.

See the product before the baby wears, it can be worn out or some manufacturing issues too.

  • To make your baby still, distract their mind with toys or music so that you can make them the diaper at ease.
  • The baby is comfort is more important than everything.
  • See if the baby is having any diaper rash. Apply ointment or cream on the rash gently.
  • When you change their diaper dispose it properly and wash your hands before touching your baby back.
  • Avoid diapers if the baby finds it uncomfortable or frustrated with it due to fitting, rash or air circulation.

Mommy and daddy... Don’t worry! You will do a wonderful job with me. I trust you completely. I know you love me and I love you too. Your baby will convey to you by his/her actions and gestures. 

Just do the changing and buying of diapers with your baby’s health and comfort in mind. Always keep your baby’s bottom healthy, cheerful and happy. All other things will fall into place.


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