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Every day during your pregnancy is a mysterious adventure. It could frustrate you and delight you, both at the same time. Every woman wants her pregnancy to be safe and painless. Specifically, about the women who get pregnant for the first time, your fear is totally understandable. Listed are five to-be-noted points, picked out with care and love that ensures a happy pregnancy .

  • Make time to connect with your baby. Make it a daily routine to check in with your Minion Xerox building inside you. Sing to your baby. Talk about all the things you'll do together. Talk to him or her about family and the person you want her to grow up to be. Meditation is the best way to connect with your baby. Whatever makes you feel delighted and connected, just do it! Creating a bond will not only help you over the period of his or her lifetime but also will fill your days with joy and lets you be stable. You may be having a hard time, especially at the beginning of your happy pregnancy. Always try to find ways that would benefit both of you. Reading books can be the best pass time during your pregnancy period. Put down your smartphone, listen to the tiny genius and create memories.

  • Take complete rest but don’t be lazy. You would’ve definitely gone through ‘please let me sleep’ stage during your teenage. Remember that! Relaxing and keeping yourself in control – add it to your routine checklist. This doesn’t mean you can live as the laziest person of the century. You have to get up and exercise a bit. At least if you don’t want your kiddo to be lazy. Exercise is extremely beneficial, especially to the pregnant you.
  • Understand that frustration, irritation, weariness, aggravation and nostalgia happens and it is very normal to be so. There exist so many triggers to regulate this mood swing but whatever the trigger is, we all have our bad days when we wish for that swift moment that could return things the way it used to be. Meditation, massages and yoga help you a lot with this. Whenever you feel like you are living the worst life of the era, just think about that adorable little thing that doesn't want you to get tensed, at the same time, badly wants to be in your arms. Create memories like letters or baby products that can help you remember this. Feeling bad or annoyed about what you’re going through doesn’t make you adore your baby any less, and it surely doesn’t make you a bad mother.

  • What you give in does matter. Get deeper with this point. The nutrition you provide is going to play a major role in your baby’s life. Your love is packed inside your stomach and the only way you can send the required nutrition to it is through your mouth. Eat enough, the word eat definitely doesn’t mean pizza or any junk food. The healthier the food is, the stronger your baby gets. Try veggies, fruits and whole grains, in simple words, everything you hate (sometimes), for a sure healthy pregnancy. It is as important as breastfeeding.

  • Scribbling is strictly prohibited.You’ve been the beauty queen throughout and you definitely don’t want to ruin your beauty. It’s natural to feel like scribbling hard and tearing your stomach, because of this mysterious itching process inside your stomach. It’s your minion’s hair. Your baby’s hair growth causes itching and if the beauty queen scratches her stomach, she’s not going to be able to look at her stomach anymore. The stripes like zebras, you definitely don’t want it. Use your cloth to slightly, very softly rub the edge and it is easy. Be conscious about this and don’t let your scribbling talent affect you both.

These are easy yet beneficial ways for a normal, happy and a healthy pregnancy. All you have to do is take care of yourself, stay calm and cherish the fact that you are going to give birth to the tiny you. As a result, you deliver a healthy baby and make your husband proud of you for being tolerant and bringing joy into your lives.


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