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A healthy body massage is one of the best ways to keep baby’s skin nourished and muscles healthy. In fact, many a researches have suggested that infant massage has enormous benefits for helping babies grow and thrive. Instead of using, any chemical engulfed massage oils on baby’s skin; one should always make use of organic baby massage oils. Organic baby massage oils can help and make your baby’s skin happy in many ways. It can help ease baby’s tummy troubles, teething pains, boost his muscle development, calm baby when s/he is fussy and also soothe him to sleep. The benefits of organic oils does not just stop here, there are myriad of other advantages which a proper baby massage with organic massage oils can serve to baby’s skin.

Made up with old techniques and of things such as coconut water and oil, almond oil, calendula, glycerin, lavender oil, perfume and chamomile, organic baby massage oils nourish and soften baby’s skin at its best. The great combination of organic herbal extracts and essential oils in massage oils keep baby’s skin highly nourished and healthy. There are varieties of different organic baby massage oils which are 100% natural, raw and organic. One can easily get baby massage oil sitting at home choosing among the wide variety of organic baby massage oils. Now, let’s take a dive into the pool of facts which will make you understand the goodness of organic baby massage oils.

Organic baby massage oils are:

  • Mineral oil free
  • Paraben fee
  • Petrochemical free

Keep these following points in mind before you lay your hands to massage your newborn:

  • Massage your baby on routine basis:

You can start doing massage of baby any time after bringing she/he home using organic baby massage oils. The organic mixture of herbal extracts and essential oils in massage oil will serve the proper and adequate nourishment to the baby’s skin. Routine-based massage will also keep baby active and away from internal problems of body. It will also keep baby’s muscles strong and bones fit of all four limbs.

  • Pick massage oil which is edible and unscented:

With the skin of babies, the immunity of babies is also very sensitive. One should always make sure that we use edible and unscented massage oils to maintain the health of the baby as small infants can lick their hands or fingers, which are poured with massage oil. Organic oils are one of the most beneficial baby products which care and protect baby from all the harmful and harsh chemicals. Good options which will go with this problem are coconut, canola, corn, olive, grape seed, apricot, avocado or safflower oils as these can be easily digested when your little one licks or sucks fingers. Also, these can be easily washed with organic soaps.

  • Follow baby’s cues while massaging:

Anyone who is massaging baby should follow his/her cues during the whole massaging process. Imagine, if you’re getting massage from masseur and he/she is pressing hard or causing fuss in your movement, how would you feel? Same is the case with babies, as they can’t speak one should try and follow baby’s cues while massaging. If s/he turns away or frowns or cries when you start massaging, save the session for later, this will help in keeping his/her mood active and fresh. Always remember a fact; it is not necessary that you give baby a full-body massage every day. It can be alternative or once in two days.

  • Always be gentle while massaging baby:

Always take care of the fact that you don’t press harder or put much pressure on baby while giving him/her massage. One should always keep in mind that baby’s skin and parts are too sensitive to bear any kind of pressure. One can also learn different techniques of massaging babies for better stimulation in baby’s body.

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