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Mosquitoes are annoying enough for grown-ups, not to mention dangerous. So, it’s no surprise that children need a lot more protection from mosquitoes. But do you think it’s good for the baby’s health if you leave them with the regular mosquito repellent coil, or liquid on, in the room? Of course, it’s not. The fumes that these mosquito-repellents emit are not only harmful when used constantly, but also make the atmosphere in the room suffocating. On the other hand, the safer mosquito net curbs the baby’s freedom, confining them to a small space. A better option than these? Yes. Organic mosquito repellents.

Organic products are those which use ingredients that have been grown organically. The organic method decrees that no insecticide or pesticide or synthetic chemical or artificial hormone is used to influence the growth and production of these ingredients. So, when they are incorporated in a product, only the pure essence and unadulterated beneficial properties go into the product; no harmful chemical that may cause a side-effect or have an adverse reaction on the body is included. This makes organic products much safer for use than non-organic ones, even more so when it comes to children; because, a child’s health is much more delicate and easily susceptible to infections. So what better than organic products made especially for children to protect them from mosquito bites?

Now, these organic products come as different items. There are

All these products use natural ingredients, and the basic ingredient used in most of them is citronella oil, which is a well-known herbal mosquito repellent.

Anti-mosquito Bands

They are perhaps one of the easiest methods to protect your child from mosquitoes. You could just snap one band on the wrist or ankle, ideally both, as they go outside to play or while traveling, or even just stay inside the house. Each tab lasts for about three hours per day, and can last up to two weeks. These bands are especially effective for outdoor protection.

Mosquito Repellent Gels

These are the more conventional method for keeping mosquitoes away. Gels and sprays are usually meant for protection from mosquitoes outside. The gel or the spray can be put on the exposed part of the skin, and then you or your child are free to move around or sit down without having to worry about being bitten by mosquitoes.

Anti-Mosquito Patches

These mosquito repellent patches can be used both indoors and outdoors, from while sleeping to playing. Once stuck, they remain effective for 12 hours straight! They are safe for everybody, even for new-born kids.

Mosquito Repellent Sprays and Diffuser Oils

While most mosquito repellent sprays can be sprayed directly on to the body before going outside or sprayed at corners of the house to eliminate mosquitoes or other bugs and insects, the diffuser oil sets meant for use inside the house usually need a bit of preparation. They need to be used, like most diffuser oils, by lighting a candle under the bowl, and by pouring a few drops of the diffuser oil into the bowl of water. As the water mixed with the oil gets heated, it will slowly evaporate and can cover and area of about 300 square feet. However, the supply of diffuser oil and water needs to be maintained, and has to be refilled from time to time.

All these mosquito repellent methods are as harmless for the child as they are harmful for mosquitoes, which makes them even more appealing as safety measures to protect your child from the infectious menace that mosquitoes are. Still, the basic precautions need to be kept in mind while using them, and the doctor should be consulted if in case there is any allergic reaction.


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