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Babies love the touch that you give them. Thus, the massage that you give is all about giving them the much required and much deserved touch. Your touch will soothe and relax the baby. According to an online research, babies become quiet and happy after they receive a massage. However, you need to carefully choose a massage oil for your baby. Choosing a natural or organic baby oil is the best choice.

It is always preferable to use natural baby massage oil. This can be anything like olive oil, coconut oil, special natural baby oil available in any baby store etc. The important thing is that you should use massage oil that is free from any sort of scent as well as allergens or harmful chemicals. It should be completely natural as baby’s skin is quite soft and delicate. Likewise, when it comes to baby massage, you should seek an expert help. Even though you will get so many baby body massage tips from people, but they are not the expert. You need to understand that what is recommended right is all that is right for your baby. Given here are a few pointers for

When to start massage?

You can start massaging the baby right from birth. But if the weight is the baby is below normal then it would be prudent to wait till the time there is some weight gain. The best thing would be to start the massage as soon as your doctor instructs you to do so.

How does the massage help?

If you already have best baby oil for newborn massage then you won’t have to shop for anything. But if you are not yet ready with such things then you need to first shop for the oil. If you have coconut oil or olive oil at home then you can start with that as well. Here we discuss the benefits of oil massage to the baby.

  1. Massaging the baby helps to make the bond between mother and the child stronger. This is because, babies need mother’s touch and attention and with massage they get both. You can say that this is something wherein both mother and the baby interact with one another.
  2. Massage also helps babies enhance the blood circulation in the body. Also, the babies that are colic and have wind problem tend to become calmer and softer after a massage. They can get rid of the problem after getting the massage as it creates a positive impact on their health.
  3. People also believe that with natural oil massage the baby would sleep better. A child that sleeps well will surely grow up to be a healthy individual.
  4. Babies are happier after getting a massage and this is because the happy hormones oxytocin are released.

How to start the massage?

On the very first day when you are planning to massage the baby you should see the moods. If the moods are good and the baby is happy then you can start at that specific time only. You should find out the time which is convenient for you as well as the baby. If the baby is tired or hungry then there won’t be any enjoyment in such a massage. In fact, the baby would become cranky and it would be quite tough to handle him/ her. If you wish to use some different oil then vegetable oil or sunflower oil will also solve your purpose. However, it should be organic carrier oil as any other oil can be harmful for the skin of the baby.

The reason why you want the oil to be natural is because sometimes a bit of oil might go into baby’s mouth as well while it is playing at the time of massage. The hands would have oil and the babies have habit of putting the hands in the mouth. Thus, you should make sure that the massage oil that you use should be safe for the baby.

Some mothers believe that when a mother tends to take permission showing the oil and hands that whether she can start with the massage or not is a good way of getting the baby ready for the massage. Yes, it can surely give you an idea as to how the massage session is going to be. You can start from hands and toes and then stomach, back, shoulders and the head as well. Cover the entire body as oil massages would surely make your baby quite relaxed.

Massage is something you can do at any point of time. Some mothers leave massaging after the baby turns one; others continue to nurture their baby with massage as per their convenience. Well, you can continue till the time you want and there are absolutely no restrictions in this.

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