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Every mother wants her child to give the best and it is really quite natural among all mothers. In fact, raising children is a challenge and of course a unique and enriching experience too. There are so many things that a mother would require in the child raising tour. Baby items, accessories, toys, clothing and so on are some of the items a mother might need. Feeding a child is a very important task the mother does. But do you know how important baby bib is while feeding the baby?

Baby is still learning to eat food

After the baby stops or reduces mothers’ milk, it’s the time to start feeding your baby with solid and semi-solid foods. It is therefore natural that some mess would occur while you are feeding your baby. It is not your fault and not your baby’s fault as well. But some spills and falls do happen. It is therefore important that you use a baby bib for feeding your 1-2 year toddler.

You can search online for natural baby bibs and you will find a number of options. But you should always select it properly. The material that you choose should be comfortable and moreover your baby should like it. You will find a baby bib in many colors, designs and patterns. Choose something that your baby would like. If your child loves orange color then it would also cooperate with the orange colored bib.

Think of a bib that would be embossed with flowers and different patterns. Even you would find it great while feeding your child. Just think what would have happened if there would have been non bib and still you had to feed your child. It would surely have been quite tough for you.

Hygiene is important

For baby hygiene plays a very important role. You just can’t let your baby be messed with foods while feeding. You should therefore take certain steps that would ensure the best level of hygiene while you are feeding the baby. You should choose a very clean plate and containers. You should also fill up water for the baby in the vessel or bottle which is very clean. As far as baby bib is concerned, if it is of cloth then you should see if it is properly washed and there is no smell coming from it. In this way you should ensure that your child is not ignored at any point in time.

Choose from the variety of bibs available

Good news is that you will find variety of organic bibs in the market. You can buy them online or from a brick and mortar store. Choice is yours.

Simple cloth bibs: Simple bibs are washable and are just covered around your neck. These are normal and are quite affordable in range. This is a baby accessory which almost every mother has or should have.

Sleeved bibs: These days there is a good demand for sleeved bibs. These are long sleeved bibs and these bibs ensure that the food doesn’t go down to the lap or anywhere. You can carry such bibs when you are taking your baby for any formal event and if the baby is very well dressed. This is because even the baby clothing and dress might be quite costly and you just can’t afford to have spills and spots on it.

Leather bibs: If you are looking for something that doesn’t require washing and is quite easy in maintenance then you can opt for leather bib and you don’t have to do anything but just wipe it with a wet cloth and then let it dry.

Water proof bibs: The bib makers are quite smart and thus they have even come up with the water proof bibs. When some milk or liquid would spill on the bib there would be spots on the bib. Also, sometimes even after washing such bibs there would be bad smell. But water proof bib are quire easy to handle. Even when some liquid item falls on it, its water proof quality helps to avoid spots.

All the above types of bibs are quite easy to carry. You can pout the bibs into the baby bag and carry them wherever you wish to go.



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