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If you are a mother of infant or toddler then there would be many challenges in front of you. The biggest challenge comes up while choosing baby care products for newborn.  This is because even you are a new parent and it is entirely new phase for you. Also, there are so many brands that deal in such products and thus it is really quite tough to settle down for something that would be useful and soft for your baby. Of course, choosing a baby blanket is also quite a challenging task. But with the below mentioned advice you can surely get some things sorted out.

How to make choice for baby blanket?

When you are making the baby care products list there would be baby blanket on the top. It definitely means that how important it is for your piece of heart. All you want is to keep your baby warm and cozy. While choosing the baby blanket you make sure that you take care of the following things:

  1. Choose the right material: You should choose the material that would be apt for the baby to stay warm. The baby should not get suffocated and there should be no discomfort as well. You should choose the material as per the likes of your baby. Something that is soft yet warm would be the best option. Most of the people feel that fleece would be the best material for baby blanket. Well, you can’t ignore cashmere material which is equally good for a baby blanket.
  2. Size of blanket: When you are choosing the blanket the size of the blanket would matter a lot. For an infant or toddler shorter blankets would be the best. This is because babies don’t like too long blankets. They just want to get covered and not get suffocated into it. Choose short blankets when it comes to choosing blankets for infants and toddlers. Make sure that the blanket should not be too long or else it would cover the face of the baby which babies do not like at all.
  3. Color of blanket: Choose the blanket as per the gender and like of your baby. If you are parent of a baby girl then perhaps a soft light pink blanket would solve your purpose. Similarly if it’s a boy then the blue colored blanket would work well. Some parents feel that does it really matter which color you are using for a baby blanket. Well, when your baby grows up and you show it the blanket would they not feel a bit embarrassed if a boy was given a pinky blanket?
  4. Choosing the brand: You can ask your friends who have gone through parenthood about which are the best baby care products. If you wish you can search for the online reviews as well. This will help you in getting to the right decision. You can also find something at the nearby baby store. But purchase only after you make the exact comparison.


Apart from choosing baby blankets it is also important to choose the right baby bedding products.

Now, since we are talking about advice for buying baby blankets, it is important that after you buy it you also maintain it. You should wash it with soft detergent every 10-15 days. This will help to avoid accumulation of dust and thus you can stay sure that your baby won’t face any sort of infection. Many parents do not have time and they think that these are all petty things. But these are matter of importance and thus they should not be ignored.


Baby blanket is really an important baby product. It is therefore vital that you buy it just before you need. It provides warmth and coziness to baby. It gives them a comfort level while asleep. Baby sleep is very important. If they don’t get enough sleep then they would become cranky. To avoid that, it is important that you don’t lag behind in anything that would create a hindrance in your baby’s sleep. Sleep is the time when baby learn new things, analyze the voices and dream and how can you not give your baby ultimate comfort while she is sleeping?



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