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Parenting is an arduous task. It involves taking care of lot of things, one of them being baby’s diaper. Choosing diapers can be a tricky situation when you want to ensure that they are not only comfortable to the baby but are also long lasting so that you don’t have to go through diaper changing process time and again. Disposable diapers have always been a popular choice for the parents. But what’s trending in the market these days are organic cloth diapers. Yes, the market is shifting from disposable diapers to organic diapers as they have become more preferred choice in the age of synthetic production. They are safer not only for the babies but also for the environment. There are also other added advantages of using organic cloth diapers for your newborns.  If you are about to be a parent or just have become one and constantly keep worrying about providing best to your new born, here are few things sorted out in the department of diapers.

Organic cloth diapers are made with 100% organic cotton or organic cotton blend fabrics, unlike the disposable diapers which are made from unsafe chemicals such as sodium polyacrylate and dioxins. These chemicals may ensure higher absorbance, but disposable diapers are threat to baby’s immune system. Exposure to these chemicals can cause hormonal interference and other developmental problems. But using organic diapers eliminates this risk since they are made of non-toxic earth-friendly material.

A baby’s skin is as soft as fur and also very sensitive. Disposable diapers, even the most generic bands, give rashes to your baby, making your baby uncomfortable. You definitely wouldn’t want your baby to get skin rashes and allergies. Organic diapers are soft and cause fewer rashes than other diapers, thus protecting your baby’s skin. You can also use the diaper rash creams with organic diapers. It keeps your baby happy and rash-free. And nothing is more adorable than a happy baby.

Organic diapers are reusable. Hence, they bring a big relief to your pocket. They can easily be washed and used again if taken really good care. Plus, they take less space in your baby bag. Organic diapers come with diaper inserts which are convenient and economical option. Disposable diapers not only take huge space but also make you spend every time for a new batch.

Organic diapers are cute. Gone are the days of our mothers and grandmothers when plain cotton diapers were used. Organic cloth diapers have become more fashionable and adorable with time. They are available in many cute baby designs so that your baby is not only leak-proof but also well-groomed. The diapers have snaps to adjust the size and can easily fit the baby from birth to 16 kg of weight.

Organic diapers are breathable. Disposable diapers make some babies grumpy and uncomfortable. Obviously, cotton is more preferable fabric than plastic to feel to your baby’s skin. And they get softer with each wash. Organic cloth diapers let your baby stay comfortable and cheerful for a longer time.

You are doing a huge favor to the environment using sustainable organic diapers. Disposable diapers are only used for 2 hours and take 500-600 years to decompose. Imagine how many diapers each baby contributes to landfills. Although biodegradable diapers are available at cost of low absorbance. But why go for it when you have organic diapers that can be used for 3 years with same absorbance.  Make your baby go green. Inculcate in him good eco-friendly habits from ground level.

Organic diapers are not difficult to clean if you are worried about that part. They can be easily washed in detergent after the poop is discarded. The baby’s skin can be cleaned using baby wipes.

Another benefit is that the babies often potty train earlier in organic diapers. The babies become more aware of the wetness and are able to connect the sensation faster. This is a very crucial thing while trying to groom babies. It is considered to be a healthy growing up habit.

You should really look into the opting of using organic diapers for your munchkins after enumerated advantages they have. They are more earth friendly and safe for your baby’s tushy.


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