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There is a new checklist of items that is added to your daily household ration when the baby arrives. Making that list is challenging and you will always find yourself to have missed something important? It is however not such a demanding task. You will feel yourself swim past the world with only the comfort of your baby, that little thing at home with her little arms curling around you, on your mind. You don’t want to leave out anything.

Being a parent comes with a lot of pressure. All the getting ups in the middle of nights to check the baby leaves you worn out during the day and you tend to take extra stress. Which you need not! There is a small list of things that needs taken care of after which it is a smooth ride in baby town.

Babies Need Sleep.

  • Mattresses: Select a good quality foam mattress for your baby to sleep peacefully. The mattress should be soft, preferably made of natural fibre.
  • Bedding: Keep a good supply of bedding at hand for your baby will leak a lot and bedding will need to be changed more times than you actually would imagine now. Four is the perfect number. One for use while the other two are washed and dried; and another for the emergency.
  • Blankets and Swaddlers: Babies are very fragile and should always be covered well otherwise they catch cold at night. For this purpose, soft snugly blankets are a must to get. Swaddlers of correct fit are even better. They are more effective in keeping the baby asleep for a longer time.
  • Baby pillows: keep plenty baby pillows around your sleeping baby to keep her from sliding over in her sleep.

Mission Shield-the-Baby-from-Insects

  • If you haven’t done this yet, it’s time to net your windows for the baby. Keep the insects out of the house to keep the baby happy
  • Use baby anti-mosquitoes product if nets don’t help.

The Perfect Bath Everyday

  • A baby bath tub for your baby to sit and enjoy the bath in. Bath is always an adventure and your child likes to play inside the tub for some while.
  • Soap and body wash: Do not use the family soap to bathe your baby. Use organic soaps which do not contain chemicals which can harm baby’s soft skin.

Baby clothing.

  • Body suits and singlets. Get soft cotton clothes that easily dry because babies are runny and need change so many times a day you will feel blown if you don’t have enough clothing. Light coloured or white clothing is nice and pleasant for your baby to be in.
  • Get socks to keep baby’s feet covered.
  • You must have separate baby towels and wraps especially, for the baby.

Diapers and Wipers

  • non-synthetic diapers should be used
  • Use cloth diapers and wipes. Keep a stock of 25 in the beginning. Diapers usually pile up if the baby grows too fast and don’t fit into them anymore.

Creams and Lotions

  • Wearing diaper for a long time especially when you are out of the house lead the rashes which make the baby irritated and restless. Use proper diaper rash cream to prevent this.
  • Moisturizing creams and lotions are also vital for the care and comfort of your baby.

Baby Spa/Massage

  • Daily massage is very important to help improve the bone mass and movement of your baby. It stimulates the muscles and makes them grow faster.
  • Choose the correct massage oil for your baby and dedicate two hours daily for baby spa, morning and evening.

Baby Canteen

  • Baby has to have all round development in order to be perfectly healthy. Food provided to the baby should give all the essential nutrients.
  • A variety of baby food is available in the market which can be fed after consulting your baby doctor.

Security Companion

Get your baby toys and soft animal to cuddle to sleep with

First- Aid-Kit

Accident don’t inform beforehand so keep a small first aid kit with possible amenities the baby might need. Also, put a thermometer in it to easily check baby’s temperature in case body heats up.

Your new baby will be happy and healthy as long as you take care of its every need until it is able to begin to take care of itself. Being prepared with a wide range of baby care products will help you welcome your new baby into your home in no time at all.


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