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Your new baby is adorable! Especially when they’re feeling happy and they hold your finger with an entire hand. Taking care of your new baby will primarily involve the one thing that you will be doing close to 12 times a day for a new born – changing diapers. If you as new parents decide to go the eco-friendly route and put your baby in cloth diapers, then congratulations! You will have a happy, healthy baby just as long as you keep the following things in mind. Armed with the right sized cloth and the right type of Organic diaper inserts you are good to go.

How to use cloth diapers and diaper inserts

Using cloth diapers and diaper inserts can add to the confusion of parent for the first time thanks to the multitudes of varieties available to you in the markets today. Following these simple steps can help you get started.

  • Choose the right kind of diapers: The first step to using cloth diapers is to choose the right kind of organic diapers for your baby. Test a few varieties before settling on one and buying a big batch.
  • Buy enough: Once you and your baby have decided on which kind of diapers you are comfortable with, you should now buy a large enough batch to accommodate your baby’s changing habits. New born babies will need to be changed 10-12 times a day and as they grow older it reduces to 8-10.
  • Sizing: Pay attention to sizing, make sure that you buy the right sized diapers for your baby for their comfort and to minimize leakage.

  • Buy accessories: Using the right accessories can make diaper changes easier. Having disposable or reusable cotton diaper inserts or liners can help to change diapers more easily.
  • Change your baby: Change your baby frequently, preferably as soon as the diaper is soiled. When washing cloth diapers make sure that you have removed any liners or diaper inserts.

Mistakes to avoid when using cloth diapers and inserts

Cloth diapers are good for your baby and the environment and can be very convenient to use if you have the right accessories such as cotton diaper inserts and pins. Here are a few common mistakes made by parents when using cloth diapers and diaper inserts:


  • Not changing the baby frequently: Cloth diapers and diaper inserts cannot be left on for hours, instead your baby needs to be changes whenever the diaper is soiled. Leaving on a soiled diaper can cause general discomfort to the child as well as rashes and other more serious issues.

  • Not buying enough diapers: Have enough reusable diapers on hand to ensure that your baby can be clothed and diapered while one batch has been washed or is drying. Keep at least 20 dry and ready to use diapers on hand at all times.
  • Not washing diapers daily: Diapers and diaper inserts need to be washed daily. Letting soiled diapers sit before washing can cause damage to the diaper material. It also takes longer to clean a diaper that has been dirty for days and the smell doesn’t come off.
  • Using harsh laundry products: Most commercially available laundry products aren’t designed for use with baby products; make sure that your laundry product is free of whiteners, bleaches and fabric softeners which may cause allergic reactions on your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Using cold water to wash diapers: Diapers need to be washed in hot water or dried in the sun or in a hot dryer to ensure that it has been properly sterilized. Liberal amounts of water should be used to ensure that the diaper is cleaned completely.
Your baby deserves the best care in the world and that can be ensured by putting him/her in soft and natural cloth diapers fitted with organic diaper inserts. Keep your baby happy and healthy by buying only natural, baby friendly products that will not harm their skin.


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