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A baby is as soft as a flower and the way your baby sees this world depends on what he/she is surrounded by. Your baby deserves the best care that can be given and being practical, it’s not just your love that is needed. Baby care products and gifts that assure you that your baby is comfortable and getting the best and at the same time tells your baby that he or she is safe and her mother loves her and she is cared for.

We don’t expect to make the task harder for you. The mother of a baby is the busiest person on the earth and we aim to make the task less laborious for you. A little knowledge is needed on a healthy surrounding for your baby, what your baby wears and what he or she sleeps in.

What we offer:

You should be mildly concerned, not worried, about your baby’s towels, her wraps and how her place smells. This is what we work on.

  • Baby Wraps-Waves of swirling emotions, thrashing around like a sea, your baby dreams away. This is an important part of growing up and shouldn’t your little one be wrapped around, warm and cozy, with the second best thing on earth (the first being the mother). Made with dual layer organic cotton, muslin is the world’s most favored woven fabric. Woven with love, the fabric is soft and will wrap your baby in its gentle arms.
  1. Comfortable- Light-weight fabric as recommended by physicians, which prevents overheating and makes your kid feel warm and safe.
  2. Breathable, delicate and light-weight, keeps your baby at the right temperature.
  3. Versatile- Carefully designed to make them multi-purpose as the baby grows.
  4. Durable- Even though the material is soft, it is get stronger and better with age, making your baby feel more at home.
  5. Unique- A wide variety of designs to get in sync with your baby’s wild imaginations, that is also modern at the same time.

  • Baby Towel-Drying the baby properly after the bath is also as important as much as the bath itself is. The baby’s skin is very soft and gentle care is required. Organic cotton blended with natural materials, organic towels ensures them all. Ideal for swaddling and cuddling your baby, it dries your baby the best.
  1. Durable- The organic bamboo makes it soft and durable at the same time and is very easy to care.
  2. Comfort- Is perfect for your kid’s tender skin and stays softer and drier than cotton.
  3. Quality- Bamboo makes the fabric anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.
  4. Unique- It is cashmere soft and comes out in a wide range of adorable designs.

  • Baby pillow-Designed with a little help from science, the Mustard Pillows are not only for comfort. Sleep is the most essential thing for a baby’s growth. Be it a short nap or a long night’s sleep, your baby should be comfortable and in the proper pose.
  1. Help prevent Flat Head Syndrome by distributing the pressure around your baby’s head. And is comfortable at the same time.
  2. Mustard seeds have been used to soothe the sinuses, increase blood circulation and reduce ear infections. This ensures a proper and peaceful sleep and makes your baby less prone to illness.

  • Perfumes-For kids? Yes. It combines fruit notes and citrus to comfort and calm the baby. It will work a magic on your baby, showering her with the fresh fragrance of flowers. Its clinically proven formula is alcohol-free and perfect for your baby’s soft skin.
Your precious one’s well-being is your peace of mind. Your peace of mind is exactly the thing we care about. Simply the best baby care, so you are at your best.


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