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Giving birth to a child is a very exhausting process. Everything about it involves pain or some sort of discomfort. Massages are very helpful in dealing with a lot of problems. Massages, as good as they are always, are more impactful during pregnancy. Pregnancy brings along with it all sorts of irritation and the most troublesome of it includes the inability to sleep and move freely. Massages help mothers with these problems. Post pregnancy, both the mother and the child need proper massages to relax their muscles. It also helps in flushing out the toxins and increases blood flow. There is no better way to forget the world and relax.

The different kinds of oils that can be used during and after pregnancy are:

  1. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil has a very soothing effect because it is a cooling oil. Its advantages include

For child:

  • If mixed with extra virgin olive oil, it can be used as a vapour rub.
  • It is the most easily available and cheap oil.
  • It is also believed that it reduces joint pain and increases blood circulation.
  • A small amount of coconut oil on the baby’s skin can act as a moisturizing agent.
  • It also reduced rashes caused by diapers naturally.
  • It can be applied on the babies’ gums to reduce pain.

For mother:

  • Extra virgin coconut oil helps in levelling blood sugar.
  • Pregnancy reduces the immunity of the mother, which can be regained using coconut oil.
  • It acts as a natural laxative reducing constipation during pregnancy.
  • It reduces stretch marks on the pregnant belly.
  1. Green apple oil:

The advantages of green apple include:

  • It helps in balancing the emotions of the mother, as there are chances of mood swings during pregnancy.
  • It also helps with convulsion and epilepsy, delusions, depression, insomnia, headaches and migraines, nervous tension, trembling, panic, relaxing, stress, shock, and vertigo.
  • Most stress related conditions like nervous exhaustion are taken care using this oil.
  • It also relieves symptoms of jetlag and headaches.
  • It helps in refreshing and increasing concentration.
  • It blocks pores and nourishes skin.
  • It enhances immunity, relieves sore throat and burned wound.
  • It relieves common cold and enhances blood circulation.
  1. Mustard oil:
  • It is the most commonly used oil post pregnancy. It has warming properties and this quality is said to be very useful in healing
  • It is also said to have qualities that reduce joint pains and increase blood circulation.
  • It is sometimes added with garlic for having a warming effect.
  • It is easily available and very cheap.
  • It also helps in the healing process.
  1. ShishuThailam Massage oil:

The benefits of this oil on the baby include :

  • It is extremely rich in Vitamin E.
  • It contains all natural components.
  • It has all the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.
  • It reduces constipation and improves sleep.
  • Helps in weight gain of the baby.
  • Helps in increasing the blood circulation.
  • It boosts brain growth.
  • Helps in strengthening the bones and muscles.

  1. The complete Baby Massage oils:
  • It is made by mixing a lot of essential oils and is used by mixing a large number of essential oils. Its key ingredients include
  • It has olive oilwhich is enriched with Vitamin E and it nourishes, protects and softens baby’s skin.
  • It has soothing and antimicrobial properties.
  • It helps in making the baby’s skin healthy and lustrous.
  • It also strengthens the baby’s nails and softens cuticles.
  • It has winter cherry that improves skin tone and soothes baby’s skin.
  • It is a mild and non-staining oil.
  • It helps in baby’s overall growth and development.

Massage can be a very soothing and intimate experience for both the mother and the baby. Choosing the right organic massage oils is the first step to bonding with your child in ways you never expected.


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