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Here we explore the things to keep in mind while taking care of your newborn baby.

  • Ensure that your newborn baby has plenty of rest. During the initial stage, i.e., the first few months a baby can rest for up to sixteen hours a day. This is important for your baby’s healthy growth. The baby must have the proper feeding at an interval of 4 hours. So interrupt the sleep after every 4 hours. Also, make sure that you avoid the possibility of SIDS by placing your baby on his/her back. Use blankets and swaddlers to keep your baby warm.

  • Choose between breast-feeding and formula feeding. It is totally your decision what you want to feed your baby. Research shows that during the first few months it is better to stick to breast-feeding. However, if your health conditions do not support breast-feeding then go for formula feeding. Breast-feeding means you have to be patient with your baby and with time, this will become easier. Also, make sure that you eat a well-balanced diet and stay hydrated. It is normal to feel a little hungrier during lactating time. If you formula feeding is your call, then follow the directions on the label of the product and feed the baby whenever hungry. Also, maintain hygiene by sterilizing the feeding bottle and using bibs.

  • Transform yourself into a diaper-changing expert. A happy baby is one that eats healthy and gets rid of the toxins from his or her system. Prepare yourself to change your baby’s diaper, at least, ten times on each day. You can use either cloth or organic diapers. If after all the precautions, your baby develop a diaper rash then do not panic but apply diaper rash creams to restore the smile on his face.

  • Rinse and cleanse your baby carefully. The first week is crucial. During this tender time, provide your baby with a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off. After two-three weeks bathe your baby twice or thrice a week. Catch hold of all the supplies you require for the bath like baby soaps, shampoos, massaging oil for healthy bone development.

  • Try to develop a bond between the two of you. Though the baby has not started playing that should not mean you could not spend time with him. Switch on light music and listen to it together while cradling the baby. It is also important that you start bonding with your baby. Stroke, cradle or use massaging oils and lightly massage your baby to keep the skin-to-skin contact.

Do not neglect the scheduled doctor visits. During the first year, your baby requires constant check-ups. So keep up with the scheduled checkups and shots. In the case of any emergency or any abnormality, get in touch with the child specialist as soon as possible for further steps to be undertaken. Keep your doctor’s number at speed dial.

Keeping these few things in mind will surely help you get through the first few months. Make sure to prepare yourself by reading childcare books and journals to have a proper knowledge so that you can manage any crisis if it occurs. It is time to enjoy parenting!


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