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Settle for nothing less than the best.  Surely, you do not want to expose your baby to harsh chemical formula based massage oils. Thus, organic oils are the answer to your prayers.

 Experts recommend a daily session of massage for your baby as it strengthens the bond between you and your baby by maintain a skin-to-skin contact.  It creates a sense of trust and well-being in your baby. Remember, the mother’s warmth is important for the baby’s physical and emotional well-being.

What is organic massage oil?

Baby oil has a long history through time immemorial. However, a lot of debates is there regarding the benefits and adverse effects of baby oils as it uses mineral oil as one of its ingredients.  Therefore, it is a safe option to opt for organic massage oils for your baby.  Natural process lead to the making of organic oils and they contain elements of natural origin including essential oils and gem extracts. . These ingredients combined together are an excellent recipe for your baby’s physical and emotional well-being.

Organic oil is, therefore, light and soothing for your baby’s skin and it heals and nourishes the skin simultaneously.  Also, these can be easily washed with organic body washes and soaps.

Choose the best organic massage oil for your baby for the harsh winters

  • Mustard oil is the oldest and most popular massaging oil in Indian households. This is probably the most suited oil for winters. The dry and cold weather can steal moisture from your baby’s delicate skin, leaving it rough and dry. Mustard oil protects your baby’s skin from the harsh cold winds and helps to repair it. Garlic and mustard oil act together as an antibacterial agent to boost immunity in babies. However, if your baby does not like the pungent smell or has skin reactions then switch to milder oils like almond oil, olive oil or any other organic massage oil.


Choose the best organic oil for your baby in uncomfortable summers

  • Summers in India are very humid and uncomfortable. Therefore, the baby requires massage with oil, which is non-greasy and will be light upon its skin. Coconut oil is the best bet as it is light as well as contains anti bacterial properties, which strengthens your baby’s immunity. Coconut oils, being rich in antiseptic properties can also help in preventing several skin infections in your baby. You can also choose sesame oil for your baby. This is the perfect massaging oil for your baby during summer, as it reduces body heat due to its viscous nature. Sesame oil is also an important component of Ayurvedic medicines.


Are organic Baby oils safe?

  • Chemically manufactured baby oils are the enemies for your baby’s skin and not the organic ones. The organic variety is a powerhouse of nutrients, uses Ayurvedic properties, and extracts like ashwagandha, manjishtha, ushira etc as its composition. The antibacterial formula can help in reducing eczema and other mild skin problems like diaper rash.


Whichever oil you select for your little one, keep in mind to read the ingredients list given on the bottle. Check for any chemical content and discard immediately if you find one. You can also make your own organic massage oils at home. If the organic oils do not suit your baby then consult a doctor ask for recommendations. Massaging is an important part of your baby’s overall growth. Therefore, never neglect that.


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