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Once a mother, always a mother. A baby is a mother’s world. Irrespective of the age, a mother is always worried about her child. She would do anything to comfort her child. She would make the baby wear sweaters and wrap it up in a blanket, even if the baby merely sneezed. She will be anxious till her child is not comfortable. The best way to ensure your baby’s safety is to always have a first aid kit ready especially if you are traveling. Long journeys with kids are difficult, and it gets worse if something goes wrong. It irritates the baby and worries the mothers. We know what to carry in adults’ first aid kit, bandages, band aids, cotton, but is it sufficient for babies? I have summed up a list of bare essential while traveling with a baby.



  1. Diaper Rash Cream


Diaper rash is an inflamed skin that is reddish in color which appear on baby’s hips. It is usually related to a wet or infrequent change of diapers, sensitive skin. It irritates the babies making them cranky and thus alarms mothers. No matter how much hygiene and caution you follow, there is a possibility that your baby might get diaper rash. In such a scenario, diaper rash cream comes handy. It moisturizes baby’s skin, effectively heals it, and soothes the redness and inflammation. It also forms a protective layer on baby’s skin.


  1. Baby Wipes

    Diaper changing can be tedious. Besides, it important to clean the baby properly to maintain proper hygiene and keep the baby germ free. When you are traveling, it’s difficult to get water and clean the baby. In such times, baby wipes are very useful. They are not only wet and soft, they also contain natural moisturises and cleansers like aloe vera. It cleanses and hydrates the baby’s skin naturally.


  1. Powder


Baby powder is another bare essential for your travelling first aid kit. Babies have sensitive skin, which gets irritated easily. Baby powder absorbs all the excess moisture leaving your baby dry. You  might need it after a diaper change or may be because it’s too hot and your baby is sweating a lot. Whatever the reason may be, excess moisture irritates baby’s skin and they easily get rashes. To avoid such a situation, it is always best to carry baby powder.


  1. Baby Lotion/Sunscreen


Baby lotions help to hydrate and moisturize the baby’s soft and sensitive skin and thus helps to maintain their skin smooth and supple and prevents from, chafing, dry and itchy skin. This is the best protection for crawler baby’s elbows, knees and palms. In case it is summer, it is advisable to carry baby sunscreen lotion to prevent the baby from sunburns.


  1. Sanitizers


Babies touch anything they see and then they also have the tendency of sucking their thumb and fingers. No matter how hard we try we cannot stop them from doing these things. But what we can do is protect their hands and palms. Hand sanitizers are the best solution for this problem.


  1. Massage Oil

    Massage oil is another must have in your first aid kit because long journeys lead to fatigued babies. A nice massage would help the baby to relax and relieve its sore muscles. Besides you need massage oil, to dilute your essential oil, just in case you need it.


  1. Essential Oil


Essential oils like lavender that calm and relax the baby are important to lull them to a good night’s sleep. Besides you can also carry eucalyptus essential oil which would help to decongest a blocked nose if your baby is suffering from a cough and cold. Tea tree oil can help to soothe insect and bug bites. Don’t forget to mix the essential oil with a carrier or massage oil.


  1. Baby Blanket, Baby Wraps, Bibs

    Even a small variation in temperature can affect your baby’s health. The best way to be assured about such changes is carrying a baby blanket or baby wrap. Using a soft and natural fabric will ensure that your baby is completely safe. Packing a bib along with you, ensures that your baby stays clean while munching its favourite food.

    Now that you are all set, what are you waiting for? Go travel the world with your baby!


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