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Babies have a skin which is much thinner than us adults. Even a small change or foreign particle causes a great pain (in the bum!) to the baby. This is called a diaper rash or a skin rash, in sophisticated language. Skin rash is a red bump on the skin which is irritating and painful. It usually occurs in the diaper area because of wet or dirty diaper left on for a longer period. But there are many other reasons for it as well, like an yeast infection, bacterial infection, or allergic reactions to the diaper. Here are a few ways to prevent your baby from an irritating rash.


1. Organic Diaper


Diaper rash is the most common kind of rash. It occurs on the baby’s bum or other near by area if the baby stays in a wet or dirty diaper of prolonged time. It also happens if the baby has a very sensitive skin and it is reacting with the diaper, especially if the diaper is not made of organic raw materials. I know, you always look for the best diaper for your baby, but next time also check if the diaper or diaper insert is made of organic materials. Trust me, it will make a lot of difference in your baby’s and your life.


2. Baby Powder


Another reason for the occurrence of skin rash is wetness on the skin. Often the baby splashes in water or soaks his/her clothes in water and either they are not changed or do not dry up quickly. Sometimes the wetness from the nappy reaches the clothes. No matter what the reason is, the problem it leads to, is the same. Skin rash. To avoid such rashes, the best thing you can do is to keep your baby’s skin dry. To do that use the best quality organic baby powder. Baby powder absorbs all the excess water on the skin leaving it clean, dry and irritation free. I insist on organic baby powder because it is made of natural products and does not cause any harsh effect on the baby’s skin.


3. Organic Cotton Blanket


The thin, soft and sensitive skin reacts easily to any foreign body. It is very important to choose what the baby wears and on what he/she sleeps. Always make your baby wear soft and smooth cloths with least embellishments because they might adversely affect the baby skin. Also, it is very important to choose the baby bedding wisely. Use an organic cotton muslin blanket or wrap on the baby’s bedding as these will have least irritation on the baby skin. It lets the baby’s skin breath and stay healthy without generating any static electricity thus not affecting the baby hair and causing unnecessary dryness.


4. Massage


Keeping the baby’s skin hydrated and away from water are two different things. It is very important to keep the baby’s skin moisturized from inside and dry from outside to prevent it from baby skin rash. Excessive dryness and lack of moisture also cause skin irritation thus resulting into a baby rash. You can use a pure and natural organic oil, suiting your baby to massage him/her regularly. An oil massage deeply nourishes the baby’s skin and hydrates it from inside. Olive oil or coconut oil are the best oils for a baby massage and usually suit to all the babies. You can also use massage oils specially designed for babies, for a baby massage.


5. Baby Cream


Baby cream is another way of keeping the baby’s skin hydrated and moisturized. A baby cream deeply nourishes the skin and keeps it away from any irritation or baby rash. It is mild on the skin and harsh on the rashes. It quickly reaches all the layers of the skin and prevents the sensitive baby skin from rashes.


6. Baby Rash Cream


Even if you take all the above-mentioned precautions and still your baby gets a baby rash, don’t fret over it, you are not a bad parent, may be your baby has very sensitive skin. To soothe your baby from the rash quickly, apply a baby rash cream.


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