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If you are a parent who is worried about each and every need of your child, I am sure you must be taking care of all things around him/her. You use the best quality milk and food, best diaper available in the town which has high absorption capacity and is not harsh on your baby’s soft skin, you must be using the best quality baby products, be it massage oil, lotion, powder, soap or shampoo. Still at times your baby gets a rash and the hell breaks loose. You can’t be at peace when your baby is in a problem. The rashes not only look harsh, they are highly irritating too. If you are wondering what causes the rash even after you check each and every product your baby uses, try checking his/her clothes and bedding. Are they made of organic cotton? Yes, the best clothing to use is not just any type of cotton, you must use organic cotton. I recently visited an old textile mills in Karnataka, which was established more than 100 years ago. There I came to know the difference between regular cotton and organic cotton. Following is the crux of the trip and a list of reasons why you should use organic cotton for your kids.


1. Open Pores


Did you know that the baby skin pores are more open than us adults and their skin is thinner? The open pores easily absorb whatever is present in their surroundings and it gets stuck in the pore, thus blocking the pores. This causes irritation, redness and rash. The best way to avoid it is to prevent it from happening. Try using an organic cotton blanket or wrap to avoid this problem in future.


2. Pesticides


No matter how much the companies claim to clean the raw material before turning them into clothing, if pesticides are used while growing the cotton crop, the plant absorbs the pesticides, which in turn reaches the fruit, affecting its quality. Also, the cotton fiber absorbs the pesticides when sprayed on them, thus directly affecting their quality. These pesticides cause skin irritation and are harmful to the baby’s sensitive skin.


3. Static Electricity


Synthetic clothing is not made of cotton (of course) or at least not 100% cotton. When the babies sleep on the wraps or blankets made of synthetic clothing, it generates static electricity, which irritates their skin and has various adverse effects like pulling their small and soft hair, friction with the blanket, dry skin. To avoid these problems, it is best to use organic cotton blankets.


4. Soft And Feathery


Organic cotton is soft and feathery. Trust me, I have even touched the yarn, it was softer and silkier than my parrot’s feathers or my dogs fur. It was the softest thing I have ever touched in my life. This soft and feathery texture does not irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. They are not harsh on the skin, rather this fabric lets the skin breath and helps to keep it healthy, smooth, soft and supple, just like the baby skin should be.


5. Fine Fiber


No matter what blanket you choose for your baby, keep in mind that is should be made of fine fiber, like muslin. Finer the fiber, better it is for the baby. Muslin cloth is woven of fine fiber which makes it porous which helps the baby’s skin to breathe. The porous material is easy to clean and does not attract too much of dust.


6. Prevents Skin Diseases


Often babies or toddlers suffer from skin diseases like eczema. As we know that baby skin is thin and sensitive, it gets irritated easily. The synthetic or non-organic clothing irritates the skin a lot, which can further increase and turn into a larger skin disorder like eczema. Yes, it is curable if diagnosed at an early stage, but what if you can completely avoid it? After all prevention is better than cure. As far as possible use soft, smooth and fine organic cotton clothing to avoid any skin related disorder.


Remember, an irritation free baby is a happy and healthy baby. The best way to prevent a baby’s skin irritation is using organic cotton as his/her bedding.


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