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The organic diaper is safe for baby, eco-friendly, affordable and without any harmful chemicals.Choose what’s best for your baby. Say hello to organic diapers!

Diapers have been mom’s best friends for ages. Disposable diapers are the most preferred for their convenience you can throw them after their use. Also, the diapers have a cottony, fluffy filling so parents take it for granted that since it is soft so it can't give any pain to babies. Well, there are lots of harmful chemicals, which can be found in these diapers! Most babies wear diapers 24 hours, even while sleeping and this increases the risk.

What are the chemicals that can be found in disposable diapers:

  1. Chlorine: Most of the diapers are bleached in chlorine which can lead to problems with baby’s lung development and it can also cause asthma and bronchitis to children.
  2. Dioxin: Dioxin is a toxin that is found in disposable diapers. Studies have shown that dioxin can lead to cancer, reproductive problems, immune alterations and hormonal disruption.

  1. Sodium Polyacrylate: Commonly known as SAP, this is used in diapers as super absorbents.It can absorb water quite efficiently and turn it into gel-like substance.It can irritate skin and the baby can develop rash on his or her bum. Also, the chemical can cause burning, drying and itching of the eyes.

Also fragrance, latex and dyes can cause others discomfort to babies.If the diaper is tied tightly, it can cause the temperature to rise and thus damaging the baby boy’s testicle which leads to low sperm count.

Environmental Risk:

In every day we throw out 55 million disposable diapers worldwide. That means 2% of the world’spollution is done by diapers. It can stay forever because if its’ lack of biodegradability, around 200-500 years. So it can choke drainage system, causing water pollution. Also because the used diaper contains human feces and urine, it tames harmful insect as well as virus and bacteria, creating a perfect breeding ground for them.Most of the time diapers are disposed in largefields and thus making it unsuitable for harvesting crops.

What We can Do Solve All The Problems:

We cannot solve all the environmental problems in one day. But we can at least try finding a solution, which is – Organic Diapers.

So, why everyone is going ga-ga over organic diapers? The reasons are,

  • No more skin irritation:

Organic diaper is made of organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, or a blend of natural fibers. So it will not irritate baby’s soft skin due to friction. It is breathable so your baby can sit, walk or play freely.

  • No Harmful chemical:

Organic diaper contains no harmful chemicals (mentioned above) or oil-based plastics. So your baby can wear this 24/7 without you worrying about health!

  • Less Expensive:

Organic diaper costs less than disposable ones, since it is made of natural items. Also,you can use the diaper for 3 years. That implies a lot of savings. Isn’t it great?

  • Eco-friendly:

Since the organic diapers are made of biodegradable materials, after disposing,it will getdecomposed in a few days without causing bio-hazards.

  • Last but not the least:

Organic diapers are cute. It has cute prints and it looks pretty nice on babies rather than disposable ones. Isn’t it enough reason to make your baby look more adorable?!

Some Points to Keep In Mind:

  • No matter what type of diaper you use, always change it more often to avoid diaper rashes.
  • If you are using organic diaper, use washable waterproof diaper insert with it. You can wash it easily.

  • While buying organic diaper, check for chloride bleaching.
So what are you waiting for? Get organic diapers and make your baby happy!


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