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Parents tend to be a little confused as to what should the first food of their baby be? Though the recommended age for starting solid food tends to be 6 months this can vary from baby to baby, there are many babies which start earlier however if it better to take the advice of your paediatrician if you are thinking of shifting over to solid before the age of 4 months. Giving your baby the right solid food is vital. Go for organic baby food as those tend to be much safer and healthier. You can give your baby a variety of different food items as long as you know what nutrients the baby will need.

Iron enriched cereals

One of the most ideal first foods for babies tend to be iron enriched cereals. These cereals tend to least allergenic. Rice is a great example of least allergenic cereals. These cereals tend to create the perfect texture for first foods. It doesn’t have any kind of added salt, sugar or any other preservatives or artificial additives. Regular cereals are not recommended for babies since they do not tend to have as much iron as iron enriched ones do. They contain less iron proportions and more of sugar and salt. They also contain much more fibres than an infant cereal requires. Although there are various other food items which are great sources of iron, feed your baby iron enriched organic cereals as they tend to be the perfect starting baby food.


Keep adding a variety

Keep introducing one new food at a time. This will enable your baby’s taste buds to develop properly. Offer it for around three to five days before you introduce any new food. It doesn’t really matter in what order you introduce the food as long as you do. Change the texture from smoothly mashed consistency to ones which contain soft lumps gradually. Do not do this quickly as the baby may get sick that way. One of the best baby foods you can go for is finely forked and soft cooked fruits and vegetables like peer or avocado.

Which food items contain iron?

Cereal foods which include iron enriched properties tend to be very good for iron nutrients. They are one of the best baby foods you can come across and they will be the best source of iron for your toddler in the first two years of infancy. Include food which is high in vitamin C to improve the absorption of iron in the baby’s body.

Lean red meat can be a good choice for the first baby food as they can be included in the baby’s diet from around 6 months. Finely mince them or mash them so that the baby can digest it easily. Fish and eggs are also introduced as first foods for babies but they do not contain such high quantities of iron as lean meat does.


Go for organic food

Organic food is always a better option over inorganic food. When you will be introducing the baby to its first food items make sure that they are organic items. Organic items are grown in a fully chemical free and pesticide free way. Due to this there is no amount of harmful chemicals which will come in contact with your baby when they eat them. Organic food items can be easily found sop look for them in your super markets. Also check the label to see if they are 100% organic. Organic food items do not contain any amount of added preservatives etc. So this makes them really useful for babies. You do not wish for your baby to come in contact with any added flavours hence organic food items are the best for your baby. If you do wish to add a bit of flavour to the food or sweeten the meal then you can always go for simple methods like mashed peer or any other sweet tasting fruit. Not only will it add sweetness to the flavour but also provide your baby with the nutrients of the fruit. There is no loss when feeding your baby organic food items since they tend to be the best food items which you can find. Go through the various baby food online stores to find which ones are the best. Find out which toddler food your baby likes.




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