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If your friend or a relative has had a baby it is needed that you give them a gift. There are several choices to go through. However it is advised that you stick with some of the popular choices which you know for sure any new parent will need. If you are wondering what they are here are some popular baby care products for newborn mentioned below.

Toiletries for Newborns

Toilet issues for babies can be heralding from buying diapers to getting a diaper cleaning service hired the needs are endless. These are some of the Toiletries  gifts you can give:

Baby leg warmers:

These tend to be really cute and you can find them in a variety of different colours and designs. They tend to be really useful since you need to keep your toddler nappy free for some time. And these will keep the baby’s legs warm when you are doing that. It is also very useful during winter. EC pants are also similar to leg warmers and they have a split crotch to them. They are really helpful in getting your baby to potty faster and easier.

Disposable diapers:

Every parent is going to need huge amounts of diapers for their new born. Many parents tend to use cloth diapers but many choose disposable diapers due to their efficiency. Now disposable diapers can be a pretty costly especially when a huge lot of tem needs to be bought from time to time. You will be doing the new parent a huge favour if you can get them a few packages of disposable diapers. When you are buying natural diapers make sure that you have the baby’s correct size in mind though. Ask the parents which size diaper they normally use and which company then buy accordingly.


Environmental baby wipes

You can find great deals on baby wipe on the market. Wipes are needed and just like diapers they are needed in huge numbers. You can gift baby wipes which are 100% chlorine free and are free from sulphates. The wipes are also available where they are free from sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, caustics, glycols and artificial fragrances.

Nappy servicing vouchers

If you know that your friend will be using cloth diapers it is given that they will be using a nappy servicing company. Gift then a voucher of that company so that the cost of laundering the diapers is lowered. The new parents will love you for it.

Sleep related gifts for newborns

You have the option of buying organic baby bedding for the infant. They are really useful and will take care of an extreme cost for the parents. Also you can give the parents a new cot or organic baby blankets. Make sure that blanket is environmental and comfortable. Best fabric to go for is organic cotton.


Skin Product Gifts for Newborns

A baby will need to get his skin treated properly. Whether can be a harsh thing on a baby’s skins o go for gifts which would help the parents get the materials they need for the baby’s skin care.

Papaya ointment is a great gift for all the skin related problems like diaper rash. Diaper rash is something the baby will face for sure so it is better that you gives the parent something which they can be prepared with. Make sure that the ointment you are giving is not petroleum based though.

Baby starter kits are another great option for a gift. These starter kits include every kind of product which is needed for baby care. They include lotions and oils etc for a complete baby care package. This is an extremely economical way to ensure that you give the new parents a variety of items which they can use. They also include a variety of different sun screens. These are specifically made for babies and are totally organic. Some even contain almond oil for the complete massage of the baby’s body.

There are various baby care products list out there which will let you know of exactly what you can get the new parents. You have to know what you can give them so go though the options in detail. Find the best baby care products you can give the new parents and they will be extremely happy.



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