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Making sure what your baby is eating is a huge task. Nowadays there are various organic food options for your baby. There are various reasons why you should feed your baby organic food. Firstly infants do not have a very strong digestive system. They also should not be fed the harsh chemical food products. Nowadays major amounts of pesticides and fertilisers are being used in food production. It is wise to not let your baby come into contact with such food products. Organic baby food is a smart choice. They are not regular baby foods but are packed in nutrients and devoid of any kind of fertilisers and pesticides.

What are organic baby foods?

The basic components of any organic baby food are the same as any other regular baby food however there is a vital difference between the two. There is no trace of fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics, preservatives or other chemical used in raising or producing them.  This is because the eve the fertilisers and pesticides used to grow the crops are organic so there is no chance of the food coming in contact with any kind of harmful chemicals. There is also organic milk available which is taken from cows without any injections to increase the quantity. This milk is extremely useful for your baby. Chemical preservatives, fertilisers and vitamins are not added to these organic baby foods ensuring only nature’s goodness. The taste factor may be a bit off but it is extremely beneficial to your child. Organic baby food will help your baby to live a longer and healthier life filled with vitality.


There are also various types of organic baby food. The organic baby food is categorised according to various factors like age groups, special needs, activities and heath conditions. So you should choose which type of organic food wisely.  Consult your doctor regarding this matter. Three varieties of organic baby food are available in the world today. Identifying organic foods is not a difficult task but you have to know what to look for. The first is the “100% organic” one and like its name you know that the ingredients are totally organic. The ones which have labelled “Organic” those are ones which have at least 95% organic ingredients in them. And lastly there is the “containing organic ingredients” version which contains at a minimum of 75% ingredients. The vital nutrients of the organic grown food are also kept intact since many times pesticides and fertiliser tend to destroy the nutritional value of the food. Organic food has become really popular for babies and people are starting to use them more and more every day.

Benefits of organic baby foods

Many people think that organic baby foods cost more than the regular versions so are they worth it? The answer is yes they are worth it. There are various benefits to organic baby food which you will not get anywhere else for your baby.  Firstly the entire food product is organic and without any artificial vitamins or colours etc. Regular food products can induce chances of tumours, cancer, stones and other problems in your baby. Their new digestive systems should not be subjected to fertilise and pesticide induced food products so organic baby food is a great choice.

Homemade organic baby food

Organic baby food sometimes may not be present near your home but you can however still feed your baby organic food.  Organic grown cereals can be found easily so you can always use them. Bring in milk from a trusted source which has not been tampered with in any way. You can also include sweetening agents like organic honey to bring some taste and sweetness to the food so that your baby enjoys it. You can also try combinations like handmade breads soaked in milk, smashed organic banana pastes or other fruit puree etc.

It has been highly stated that the best baby food is organic baby food. After all why should you take chances with an infant’s health? Stay simple and buy organic food so that your child developed clean and healthy immune and bodily functions. With so many choices of organic baby foods out there youw ill not be disappointed.




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