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Teach me the skills Master!

Definitions first! Cloth diapers are made from natural or man-made fibres like cotton or polyster fabrics. There are many types of cloth diapers according to their shapes:

  • Flat
  • Prefold
  • Shape Contours

Disposable diapers on the other hand are made of rubber and muslin or now even super-absorbent polymers. Many new technologies are used nowadays, like:

  1. Wetness Indicators
  2. Addition of fragrances or essential Oils
  3. Tapes which can be resealed
  4. Elastic bands around the waist

Even though tasks become much easier with disposable ones, it settles the scores by providing a whole range of health problems To keep your sweety healthy, cloth diapers which protect the skin in all manners is recommended.

Show me the path, Master!

Let’s settle the debate once and for all! Here starts the re-incarnation!

  1. Cloth Diapers are cheap

Money should not come in between health, but it is a fact! Since it does not involve all those geeky innovations and is made of natural materials, they are light on the wallet! According to statistics, you can save thousands of dollars by switching into cloth diapers!

  1. Environment! Save our Environment!

All the environmentalists out there will be terrifically glad out there! You are not contributing to the whirlpool of waste that collects everywhere, Due to the materials used, disposable ones create a lot of waste.

  1. I got something troubling me there!

How terrible is your care! Your child has got a rash! See, your fault is you are putting on the disposable diapers on him, and not changing it regularly. See those poor red lines! The skin will become unhealthy and can lead to immense problems later.

  1. I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!

“Just remove that disposable diaper off now! I know it’s leading in the market, I don’t care!” shouted the lungs, coughing. “Put on the cloth diapers! They emit 6 times less to keep me atleast…al..i..ve!”

  1. Another shout of the Environmentalist!

Cloth diapers don’t put their foot on Carbon at all as compared to disposable ones. Making a disposable diaper requires millions of tons of wood and plastic.

  1. I want to be a legend in potty training!

Every parent’s dream! Cloth diapers makes your child realize the smelly situation, as it no longer lives in the illusion of absorbable diapers.

  1. Use! Reuse!

Washing machine is the saviour in emergency! Just dump, wash and use, Forget the tiring task of replacing old disposables with new ones everytime.

Other side of the coin

Learn to see it too! While advantages aplenty in cloth diapers, they have some cons too. “Why are you looking blue” she asked worried. “The stink! The stickiness! Urgh!” she screamed, while holding the diaper at its tips, this messiness is followed by regular washing, which can make calculation for bills in higher numbers.

Now give some sweet to Disposable diapers also!

Convenient! Now she doesn’t fret about the stink and the stick. You get to select a whole lot of feature. Travelling can be made easier, just have loads of them and keep replacing one by one!

So the odds now still lies in the favour of cloth diapers!

Make me defeat, Master!

Following steps are the illuminations in the dark patches in the Cloth Diapersiverse!

  1. Use a separate bin for diapers and put them all in only that bin!
  2. Learn to make home-made wipes, using almond and olive oil as they go gently on the sensitive skin of your child.
  3. After washing, soak for half an hour. Use natural detergents and dry them out so that the sun can drink some water!
  4. Try to use diaper sprayer to save you large mess!
  5. Be efficient and love your baby through its emissions too! You can make the cloth diapers have the qualities of disposables in no time!

Final verdict!

Cloth Diaper! Cloth Diaper! Health is wealth. Health established from a young age develops into a blueprint for upgrades in later life. So keep the cute one happy and healthy, so that it can work, play and enjoy with zest!


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