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Mosquitoes can be a major problem to anyone. While grownups can say that a mosquito is irritating them n infant cannot. This results in major problems. You need to find proper repellents for your baby so that they do not come in contact with any mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not only irritating but contain major amount of germs and bacteria which is extremely bad for your baby.

Choosing a Mosquito Repellent is not a hard task if you take a few factors in your head. Firstly you should consider the baby’s age. A very young should not be put under the effect of very strong Mosquito Repellents. They can harm the baby more than it would protect them. Go for simple mosquito nets and blankets when it comes to extremely young infants. A wise decision would be to get your child and consult your doctor regarding which repellent you should use. Your doctor may conduct a medical examination on your baby which will identify if your baby has any possible breathing or allergic reactions to different repellents. Use mosquito repellent for babies’ room after you go through various options.

Taking precautionary measures to ensure that the negative effects are curbed helps a lot in the long run.

Different types of mosquito repellents:

Use Creams, gels, roll-on sticks, wipes, bands

These types of repellents are pretty useful but tend to less use due to the fact that they come in direct contact with the skin. They are really effective, though, but they only last a few hours. Also, you need to find ones which are specifically made for babies since the adult versions are much more coarse and harsh for your baby’s skin. Try to avoid these as much as possible at least through the early stages of infancy since they can develop rashes and irritations. Use products which contain DEET on babies above six months of age. Additionally using mosquito bands are a safer choice.


Liquid vapouriser

Vaporisers may seem like a safe option, but it needs to be used carefully, Since these are airborne repellents breathing them in can cause asthmatic problems etc. They can also irritate the eyes and aggravate breathing problems. What you should do is that you put the vapouriser on for a certain amount of time in the room to get rid of any mosquitoes then afterwards you can bring in the baby. This will avoid your baby from coming in direct contact with the vapouriser chemicals.

Sprays and foams

Sprays are also a repellent which needs to be used carefully. They can cause allergies and breathing problems if they come into direct contact with the baby. Make sure that you keep the doors and windows closed when you use the sprays. After that air out the room when there are no mosquitoes. Then you should bring your baby into it. Make sure that the smell of the spray is completely gone before you bring the baby in the room. Many people also tend to use coils which are very harmful. Do not use coils since these can cause lung cancer. It is much better to use any other method than coils.

Plug in mats

Plug in mats are not opted very much due to the same problems as a coil. However, they are less harmful. Once again you should never activate the mats while the baby is in the room. Make sure that the baby is gone before you activate it. After you deactivate it to give it a few minutes for the air to settle down and then bring the baby in. Use mosquito repellent band after you check with your baby’s doctor.

Natural repellents

Natural repellents like essential oils and candles can be used to repel mosquitoes as well. They are really effective and wonderful if used the correct way. These have scents of lemongrass, neem etc so it doesn’t cause breathing problems as long as too much of it is not inhaled.

Mosquito nets

The best option for a mosquito repellent for your baby is a Mosquito net. They have no side effects and area extremely easy to use. It can be little problematic for you to take the baby out to feed him etc while the net in setting up but it’s worth it. There are various mosquito repellent for babies India available online so go through them.


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