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Massage is not only a good option for grownups but for babies as well. Daily massage helps in improving the quality of the bones making them stronger. It also helps in the overall development of the body. It helps in making sure that the baby experiences sound sleep and the mood of the baby is cheerful and active. The process of massage also helps the mother and baby to come closer. The baby also feels refreshed after a massage. There are various types of oil massages you can follow. All of them have their own specific traits and effectiveness. Use essential oil spray techniques to give the best massage to your baby.

Firstly you need to be able to choose the correct oil for your baby. The oil is the most important aspect of the massage and without an effective one it is redundant. Babies tend to have extremely sensitive skin so you will have to choose the correct massage oil. While going for branded massage oils can be a good choice it is better if you go for one after you know the aspects of the different oils.

Factors for choosing a baby massage oil

First thing which you will have to do before you go for massage oil is to consult your doctor. Your doctor will let you know the best oil for massaging your baby. Avoid the oils which are meant for adult usage. Adult massage oils are very scented and and can be a coarse. Due to the baby’s smooth and sensitive skin they might not like that so avoid such oils. Use natural edible oil since you will find that most of the times the oil gets in the baby’s mouth. Edible oil will not be a problem if the baby swallows a few drops of it but synthetic oil can cause problems. Also avoid oils which have a strong scent. Check your baby’s skin to see if there are any allergic reactions to the oil. If there is then let go of it immediately. Do not change oils frequently as your baby’s skin gets used to one type of oil after sometime. Even if you do change always consult your doctor first. Do not mix two or more oils together. Oils which contain minerals should not be used including mineral oils made for massaging.

Few oils which you can use for massaging you baby:

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is very popular baby massage oil. It is widely used in south Asia and contains anti bacterial properties which helps in protecting the baby from illnesses. Also the antiseptic properties of the oil are useful for preventing any kind of skin infections.

Almond oil 

Another popular choice which originated in southern Asia is Almond oil massage. The high content of vitamin E in this oil makes the skin really healthy and improves the texture and helps your baby to achieve glowing skin. Its properties are even better than that of coconut oil.

Mustard oil 

Mustard oil is a good choice during winters. It repairs dry skin during winter your baby will need protection against the dryness which the weather causes and the mustard oil is your perfect solution. Also since it is edible you do not have to worry about your baby accidently licking some of it.

Pure Ghee and olive oil

Ghee is another nice material to massage your baby. It is not that well known however it does provide extreme protection from cold. It can be used during winter seasons to keep the baby’s body heat up. Olive oil is another option for winter massages since it has a lot of vitamin factors which result in better skin and nourishment of the entire body of the baby.

Although massaging babies can be a wonderful practice makes sure that you go about it only when the baby is 2 weeks or more old. Use natural oils and try to avoid branded ones. Use essential oil spray bottles to apply the oil on your baby before you start with the massage that helps the oil to spread. Try to use safe essential oil or bath oils options so that there is no contact of harmful elements with the baby’s skin.


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