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When you have a baby there are various factors which you need to consider. Buying the right items for your baby can help a lot in making sure that you are raising your baby in a proper way. The usage of baby bibs is an important factor which you shouldn’t ignore. There are various types of baby bibs to choose from. Each of them has their own special advantages and disadvantages. Using a bib will help you to keep the baby clean. It avoids the dribbles from reaching the baby’s front and dirtying up the clothes. Baby bibs help in avoiding baby dribbles. Even if your baby is not consuming solid food there are chances of dribbling. Therefore it is advised that you make your baby wear a bib.

Picking a baby bib

Various types of baby bibs including organic baby bibs can also be found. While many think that bibs can be comfortable for children that is not the case. You need to pick the correct bib in accordance to size and fabric. Most bibs tend to me made from very soft material which feels nice against the neck flesh of the baby. You can get cool baby bibs with cartoon prints which your child will love. Bibs and burp cloths can help you cut down on many hours of cleaning clothes. These prints can be engaging which will keep the baby interested in the bib and you can go about feeding it without much of an issue.

Bandana Bibs


Bandana bibs are really great for your child to wear during meal time. The name comes from the fact that e bib is designed like a bandana. It is great for babies who are teething or dribbling. These bibs do not generally look like bibs but a piece of handkerchief tied around the neck. The bandana bib is placed high on the neck this helps in absorbing much more dribble than just normal bibs. They can be snugly tied since you as the parent will be doing it every time. Also since the bib is properly tied it doesn’t fall off or the baby cannot take it off. Although these bibs are not very long and do not reach the lower parts of the body. But they are an important addition to the first stages of infant feeding.

Scoop Bibs

Scoop bibs are another type of baby bib which is specifically made for meal time use. This bib will help you a lot while feeding. These bibs are normally made from plastic and they have a trough like shape at the bottom of it. This helps catch the food which dribbles down. These bibs can only be used during mealtime since they can be a little uncomfortable to wear. These bibs are really easy to use and it is also okay if the baby starts to play with the food since sometimes they can have the tendency to do so. These bibs when used the baby must be sat upright. Unlike other bibs these are not flexible so that can be an issue. However, for complete protection you can use  scoop bibs during meal times. 



Coverall Bibs

If your baby is ready to try eating themselves then you should try coverall bibs. These bibs are a bit longer than traditional bibs. These tend to be plastic bibs and are designed like jumpers. Once the baby is wearing it they can move their arms properly without worrying about anything. For older babies who are yet to learn the art of cleanliness these bibs can be extremely useful. This kind of bib protects much more than the general area of of the chest. They tend to sport various new designs which make it enjoyable for the children to wear. These bibs are also extremely easy to clean.

Using a bib will help you to save a lot of time during the feeding process. While many tend to think that bibs are not that needed, it is needed. Why should you spend more time feeding just being careful? Try to let the baby have fun instead of poking the baby around the lips due to dripping. Using a baby bib makes sure that he or she can have their meals in peace. Once done all you have to do is take off the bib and clean it.




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