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 Diaper rash can be a huge problem for parents. While there are various other problems to worry about diaper rash is the most common and persistent problem you will have to deal as a parent during the early stages of infancy. Diaper rash is caused due to the diaper being stuck to your baby’s bottom for long periods of time. It makes the skin on the baby’s bottom swell and become irritated. It is also caused due to improper diapers. Diapers which cannot hold the liquid locked properly tend to cause diaper rashes to an even greater extent. However, there are ways to avoid diaper rashes and one very common way is to use diaper rash cream.

When you apply a diaper rash treatment cream to the baby’s skin it helps to protect the skin from any further injury. It also tends to create an optimal environment for the skin to heal. When you apply the cream to the skin you will also notice that the consistency of the cream helps the baby to prevent friction from the diaper causing the baby’s skin to stay smooth and face less irritation. You can apply a thick layer of zinc oxide barrier cream on the baby’s bottom each time to change the diaper to keep the skin soothing and protect your baby’s skin from being too irritated. The best diaper rash cream tends to have a good consistency of Zinc Oxide.

What exactly do these creams do?

Zinc oxide which is found in these rash creams forms a protective layer on the skin to prevent friction with the inside of the diaper. It also protects the skin from wetness. There are various enzymes found in feces which can be bad if comes in contact with the skin diapers tend to protect the skin from these enzymes. It also protects and soothes irritated skin and help it to heal through a totally natural process.

Zinc oxide tends to be a topical skin product. It is used as a protective coating for mild irritations and abrasions. These rash creams can heal chapped skin and diaper rash. The crème works as a mild astringent and also has various antiseptic properties. Zinc oxide tends to protect the skin from diaper rash by creating a protective barrier between the skin and diaper. If you are just concerned with preventing diaper rash then you can be okay with moderate concentrations of around 15%. However, if you are looking to treat diaper rash then go for concentrations up to 40% since they can be used for their absorptive properties as well.

Always consult your doctor before you go for any diaper cream. While it may suit well in the case for your baby it can be a totally different case for any other infant. Do not just take the word of any parent and pick the diaper rash cream which they are saying is good. Speak to your pharmacist or doctor clearly and only take prescribed ointments. Buy a good diaper rash cream because your baby deserves it.


Applications of the diaper rash creams

You need to apply this on the infant’s bottom several types a day. Be sure to wash of the affected area with soap before you apply the cream. This will help in making sure that the surface is clean and the cream can do its job properly. If the diaper rash is already there then you should apply the cream every time a new diaper is put on. Continue to do this until the redness disappears. For best results keep changing the diapers frequently as well as apply the cream. This will make sure that the skin on the baby’s bottom is never under any kind of influence from the enzyme. Also, try to keep the area as much dry as possible. Make sure to only use the creams which are being recommended by your doctor. Storage of the cream should be done at room temperature and away from sunlight and moisture. There are several advantages of natural diaper rash cream other than the ones mentioned above. You will be able to get a peaceful sleep knowing that long time wearing of diapers will not be a harmful thing for your baby with the nappy cream.


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