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Buying diapers can be a tricky business, especially for a new mother with the thousand new responsibilities and being on a fragile emotional plane. It can all be a little confusing. Which diaper to buy from the numerous brands available in the market? Which size would fit your baby the best? And what about the accompanying diaper care  required? After all it’s not for your use, so you can’t tell what would suit the baby’s skin. Not to fret, because once you learn, it doesn’t seem so difficult anymore.


  1. Cloth Diaper

Cloth diapers should be of soft cotton material because cotton prevents and friction and reaction against the baby’s sensitive skin, which synthetic materials may do. Cloth diapers are of course, not meant for use over long hours, neither waterproof. So, they need to be changed frequently and washed properly and multiple times by adding antiseptic liquids in water. However, since they are simply pieces of cloth, cotton diapers are reusable, hence do a ton of good for the budget. Cloth diapers can be bought as pre-fold-which are essentially sheets of cloth and as fitted cloth diaper. Pre-fold diapers need a cover or and a fastener. Fitted cloth diapers are better that way since there are snaps or fasteners on the hourglass shaped diaper itself, but they are a little more expensive than pre-fold ones. The elastic system helps out by containing the mess. And of course, there is always the option of DIY cloth diapers at home by using clean, soft cotton cloth.


  1. Ready to Use Diaper/ Disposable Diaper

Ready to use diapers come in packs and are the most widely used because the hassle of washing diapers again and again is reduced. They can be used for a longer period of time as new innovations in most disposable diapers prevent rashes and discomfort for the baby. So they are ideal for traveling, or for night protection. But it is advisable not to use disposable diapers all the time, and use them along with cotton diapers, to take care of the baby’s skin.


  1. Pocket Diaper

Pocket diapers brought about path-breaking change in the use of diapers. Pocket diapers are fitted; thy can be adjusted to the baby’s size with the help of fasteners or snaps. It has a waterproof cover and a pocket made of polyester lining in between where an absorbent pad or pre-fold cloth diaper may be inserted. They made traveling with babies easier. However, they are big, and follow the same principle of wash after every use. Also, bringing the used cloth out of the pocket is a highly messy task. The polyester lining too constrains the use of cloth to synthetic, which, again, is not ideal for constant use for the baby’s skin.

  1. All-in-One Cloth Diaper

All-in-One diapers work similarly as pocket diapers; only they have a couple of layers of absorbent material stitched in between two sides. They don’t really help out with the washing part, but are preferred by many people as it is convenient to change them quickly. They fit much better than pocket diapers, but again, may take some time to dry after wash because of the thick layers inside.

  1. Hybrid Cloth Diaper

Hybrid cloth diapers are also a much-preferred option for parents. It can be used as one pleases-either with disposable diapers, for times perhaps when you’re traveling, or with cotton diapers at home. Hybrid cloth diapers are essentially a shell or cover into which one or more layers of an absorbent is set and then put on the baby. The disadvantage is that often the fit is not perfect in some brands and there is fear of leakage. But other than that these diapers are quite compatible to all methods.


The best option would be if you are going for ready to use diapers, to choose an organic brand. It is always best to subject the baby’s skin to as little chemical as possible. Or, buy cotton diapers and diaper covers for an easier and more affordable way.


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