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Massages are not just an old tradition but it is a scientific way to improve the health of babies and mothers. Massage is a special technique which has the power to cure any disease without medicine. This therapy has gain a lot of importance since past few years.

An expecting mother faces lots of complications during their pregnancy which affects their health. At times, these troubles affect the normal growth of the baby also. Massage has the power to cure most of the problems. Yes, a properly massaged mother and baby are healthier than others.

Massage oils - A magical touch


Touch is a very instinctual activity and most of the basic human needs can be fulfilled by a simple touch. It is a way to connect to your baby and to understand his moods. Massaging one’s body with massage oil is a way to be in touch with the ones you love.

Massage oils also have scientific benefits and has the power to heal health related problems easily. Especially in case of mothers and babies massage is like a boon. It not only helps in the development of a baby’s body and brain but also eases the physical problems which occur while a lady is pregnant.

Massage oil has the art of healing the mental depression and physical health of a human and therefore, there is nothing wrong in addressing it as “a magical touch”.

How is a massage healthy for mothers and babies?

Massage is very important for a proper and healthy development of a body. This manual therapy is of utmost important for maternity and pregnancy care in today’s high tech world. Through this therapy mothers and the new born babies get a chance to stay away from medicines and cure their problems manually.

Benefits in case of mothers:

  • Massage helps to maintain the load on heart and the blood pressure of an expecting mother. It is very powerful in relieving a mother from depression or anxiety which occurs while pregnancy.
  • The normal problems which occur while pregnancy like backaches, headaches, stiff neck, cramps are easily solved with the help of a proper massage.
  • Massage also enhances the blood circulation in the mother’s body which in turn provides more oxygen as well as nutrients to the mother as well as the child.
  • This therapy stimulates the glandular secretions which are important for stabilizing the hormone levels. It is also beneficial for the relaxation of the nervous system of a mother’s body.
  • It is a way to relax a mother’s mind and her body. Once she relaxes she goes to sleep easily and proper sleep is very necessary for a pregnant lady. Apart from that, it also enhances the immune system of a mother’s body.


Proper and regular massage of a pregnant lady will help in the natural delivery of her baby. Mothers must also go for massaging regularly since it enhances the health.

Benefits in case of babies:

  • Regular massages helps in maintaining the health of a baby. It reduces the secretion of stress hormones in a baby’s body therefore, your child is happy and in a good mood most of the time.
  • As we all know, a good sound sleep is very important for the development of babies. Regular massage helps to make your child sleep sounder and deeper.
  • Massage also improves the blood circulation of a child’s body. It also improves the digestive system of your child. This in turn improves the immune system of your child and he cries less.
  • Massages also help the premature babies gain weight. As we all know that premature babies are not fully developed. Massaging stimulates a nerve which connects the brain and the body of the child which in turn increases their weight.
  • The pre-mature babies also get a stabilized heart rate and brain activity with the help of a massage.


Massage your baby regularly for the above-mentioned benefits. Regular massages will not only help in the development of your baby but will also build an emotional contact between you and your child. So don’t miss it! Look for the best body massage oils and other products by clicking here.


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