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As a new parent, you may find it surprising initially how little food is actually eaten by your baby and how much more of it is spilt all over their face and hands and clothes that you had just washed. You may have difficulty in feeding a newborn as well, as some babies might have issues with acid reflux and might spit up more often than others. When your baby starts to begin teething, he/she will also begin drooling as it is around then that the salivary glands begin to produce saliva, which can also result in messier clothes than ever.

When is the right time for your baby to get a bib?

Some new parents choose not to have their babies wear bibs until they are fed solid food. But in a lot of cases, even babies that are breastfed, sometimes have a strong acid reflux and may spit soon after being fed or burped. Clothes are often spoiled when breast milk is spilt while feeding which can happen especially when the mother and the child are not used to it. Changing a bib is preferable to changing an entire outfit and washing the child, especially when it comes to newborns since they have to be fed multiple times a day. Babies being breastfed may also spit milk if they are allergic to something that the mother has eaten. Since these adorable little humans are largely unpredictable, it’s better to be safe than sorry and so, it is advised to start using feeding and nursing products early.

Why do you need bibs for babies?

  1. Easy to handle food that stains

Once you have your baby started on solid food, you want them to have variety in their diet to keep things interesting for them and to make mealtimes a little easier for you. Food that causes stains will definitely leave a mark on your furniture and your little one’s clothes. If they’ve got a bib on, you can just wash it off the bib while the cute little outfit remains undamaged.


  1. Spitting up

Whether it’s a breastfed newborn who is spitting up after burping or a slightly older baby who’s simply decided that it is fun to spit everything you try to feed him/her, spitting isn’t cute after the first few times that they’ve made you change their clothes. After a meal, burp your baby; wrap up the bib, put it in the wash and you’re good to go.


  1. Drooling

Once your baby starts developing the salivary glands that is, by the time they are two to three months old, they will start drooling. This is will continue until they develop full control of the muscles in their mouth and are able to swallow. Until your child is old enough to swallow by himself, specially designed drool bibs will help in protecting your baby’s clothes.


  1. Wait till they start solid food

If you don’t have issues with your baby drooling or spitting up excessively, you might want to wait until you start them on solid food. If any mess that is made during feeding can be cleaned up easily with a square of cloth kept nearby while feeding your child, you need not start putting a bib on your child until they start having solid food.


  1. Keep your baby dry

When babies spit up or drool on their clothes, they run a risk of catching a cold or a skin infection in the time that they remain in their damp clothes. To keep your baby dry at all times, you should ensure that damp clothes are changed as often as possible. To prevent their clothes from getting damp and wet in the first place, you can use a bib when feeding them or even have them wear a comfortable bib while playing to catch the spittle.

Mealtimes with your baby can be a beautiful experience; their unadulterated wonder at experiencing new food is truly a joy to watch. By relieving you of the tension of having to clean up after your child after a meal by just buying a bib from here, you can enjoy mealtimes with your baby even more.


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