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Bringing a new life to the world; this power rests exclusively with the females of our species. This is one of the primary reasons why women or it may be said that mothers are considered equitable with divine stature. Women bear several extreme conditions throughout the bearing process of their progenies. This struggle begins right at the time when the fetus begins to develop in the mother’s womb. The gain in weight, irregular mood swings, backache and inability to go along with the normal lifestyle is a few of the mentionable issues that a mother starts to encounter even before the child has actually taken its first gulp of air in the real world. But as already mentioned, the struggle has just started and it begins to take shape more prominently with the delivery of the child.

In the process of delivering the baby, the mother has to actually go through a lot of pain which is of both physical and psychological in nature. The pre-delivery stress is just a phenomenal load to borne on the already ailing mother. After the delivery, obviously everyone is ecstatic to welcome a new guest into the family, and the women are actually at the top of the world for being the harbinger of a new living form in the world. But as the day passes and the mother is discharged of the medical essentialities, she begins to note a few major and permanent changes in her body. One of the most prominent of these is the presence of stretch marks on their abdominal region.


What are stretch marks?

It is a pretty general observation that as the fetus cell multiplies in the mother’s womb to grow in a child form, to accommodate the enlarging fetus the skin and the muscles of the abdominal region of the mother begin to expand. So what actually happens after delivery is that this expanded portion begins to sag a bit and in some time although the body can retrieve to the normal shape but marks because of the expansion begin to be seen on the abdomen. These light colored lines are called as stretch marks, and they are considered as one of the de-beautifying side effects of delivery by most of the people. Other than the pregnancy, stretch marks can appear to anyone who is growing at a faster pace than the capacity of the skin tissues to duplicate to replenish the growth requirements.


This problem troubles almost all the women who have recently entered motherhood as well as the teenage girls whose bodies are in the growing stage. They try to find out several solutions so as to avoid this issue but are not able to find any credible solution to their problem. Here is the list of some of the phenomenal products that can work miracles for the users.


  • Mark removal gels: These gels come with a formula that helps in softening the skin around these streaks which helps in improving the rate at which the skin cells replicate and cover the stretch marks.
  • Vitamin E oil: Of the many health benefits of vitamin E, the quality of helping in the growth of scar tissues after an injury is quite notable. This property can be readily utilized in curing the stretch marks as the oil can help in accelerating tissue growth that would eventually cure the problem altogether.
  • Mark removal creams: The creams are made by amalgamating several oils and extracts that can help in completely or partially removing the marks appearing on the body of the user.
  • Anti-marks serum: These formulations are meant to naturally improve the tissue building rate of the body and, therefore, come in handy when it comes of removing the stretch marks.
  • Castor oil: It is a quite normally used compound for handling the skin related ailments and issues. The property of the oil that helps in the natural growth of skin cells comes in handy here.

 Use of some non-credible medication to cure stretch marks is highly not recommended as it can end up in several unwanted side effects. 


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