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Babies are vulnerable little creatures. Thus, they never take food that adults merely wolf down as if tomorrow won’t come. They are sensitive, tender souls, and the foods most suited for them are organic. But what is organic food? Basically it’s the food cultivated in farms without using harmful chemicals like pesticides. However, the market is flooded with substandard products that also claim to be organic. But this is how to watch out for them.

Don’t Trust the Labels

  Simply because it’s written ‘organic’ doesn’t mean it’s organic. So, you’ll have to verify. You may first of all research on the authenticity of the source. You’d be surprised how ghost sources come up nowadays, confusing everybody. A product’s label doesn’t say everything. Therefore, one must look deeply into the authenticity of the product and even rely on second account revelation. It is highly likely that a fake product will eventually be sniffed out, and for that reason you must pay attention to news sources, like the internet forums.

Check the Ingredients

  Most governments’ require manufacturers to list down all the ingredients of a product. But even if they do so, manufacturers get away with crime, because they exploit a human weakness; impatience. People rarely ever hold up a product and look at the ingredients when they buy organic baby food products. You’d be surprised that products labeled organic have been manufactured with a lot of chemicals; which are also listed there!

  As you check ingredients, also ascertain that they have been certified by relevant authorities. Anybody who sells anything might tell lies about how he cares for his customer but what he really cares for are profits. So you want to catch them. Always check the ingredients and certifications and recheck them since it’s your money involved and your baby also.

Organic Baby Food


Check the Shelf Life

  Organic products ideally should not sit at the shelf for too long. They haven’t been tampered with chemicals and so they are susceptible to getting bad. Thus, one must always check to see that their product is fit for consumption before buying them.

  Of importance are the conditions in which the products are stored. Organic products must be kept in cool and dry places in order to maintain their vitality. Otherwise, they go bad pretty quickly.

Small Quantities

  It might seem absurd, but some parents are very keen on saving buck, that they’d rather buy organic products in bulk, where saving is guaranteed, than small quantities. Well, organic products are unlike say books and rulers. They have a limited shelf life. And so, buying in bulk translates into wastage. You’d rather wait for new opportunities to invest in bulk buying.


  A lot of babies are weaned on organic foods, so the market must be large. One of the consequences is stiff competition. Now make it your businesses to sniff out good deals. Going for discounts would be a much better business judgment than say bulk buying.

Salt and Sugar

  As you may be aware, salt or sugar in high amounts is very dangerous to babies, and so it would be imperative to have nothing to do with such products. Excessive salt or sugar may lead to your child coming down with an illness. All such things should be taken care while you buy organic baby food products.


balanced baby food

Allergy Inducers

  Look early enough for foods that make your child allergic and regardless of their being organic or otherwise have nothing to do with them. Allergies are merely ways of the body to tell you that it doesn’t agree with a certain food or drink and anybody who’s wise ought to listen.

Food Safety

The food safety depends largely on the handlers. So, one must check whether there’s anything to hold against them before making a purchase or otherwise you may end up regretting. Simple things like cleanliness mean a lot where organic food is concerned and lack of it may lead to a disappointment.


  Sometimes, we must weigh the benefits of a product against the cost, and I mean to say that some organic products are not worth their prices. In this case, you’d fare much better buying alternatives, even though they’re inorganic, simply because the inherent differences are too little. In the same vein, something being organic shouldn’t always be overpriced for the sake of it.  


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