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There are very few natural products that have both internal and external healing properties. Aloe Vera and Coconut are two of a kind . Coconut has amazing healing powers, both as a cosmetic and a super food as well. It can be consumed for people belonging to a varied age group and the more organic in nature the better it is. For babies for one, coconut is not particularly advisable till the child reaches a particular age; however, applying the same on the child’s skin from time to time can do wonders to child’s skin; retaining the softness and maintaining the childlike skin.

In a recent research it was studied that coconut oil has far better benefits even after combining all the cosmetics products in the market. If you do get good natural products that are available to you, it is always advisable to go ahead with the natural products rather than using chemicals.

Organic Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and full of moisture, thus making it excellent for the skin and hair. Organic Coconut oil has a good balance of both acids and bases, thus not making it too harmful for the body, internally or externally. However, one should not over use anything. Even using Organic Coconut oil should be used proportionately.

Following are the reasons as to why coconut oil does wonders to your baby’s skin and hair.

  • Organic Coconut oil is one of the best products that are used to hydrate to body. Applying Organic Coconut oil as a medium to massage your baby’s body, will keep your baby’s skin soft. Especially during winters. It prevents to skin from cracking and adds additional moisture to skin that is drying up.

  • By massaging, Organic Coconut oil on the scalp, it makes the scalp healthier and prevents the scalp from drying up. It provides proteins and vitamins to the hair externally, giving it that extra food to help it grow better and in a healthy way.
  • If a baby is constipated, rub some Organic Coconut oil in the anal. The coconut oil acts as a lubricant and helps the child to pass stool easily.
  • Coconut oil is an excellent substitute to Baby Diaper Rash cream. Applying Organic Coconut oil prevents the baby’s skin from getting prone to skin related infection infections. The acids that are excreted can cause skin rashes and redness in the skin.
  • In places where the winters are quite extreme, there is a tendency for the nails to crack or get discolored, applying small amounts of Organic Coconut oil on the nails will prevent them from cracking.
  • Stretch marks are completely dependent on the type of skin the person has. Stretch marks are an unwanted disfiguration the usually comes with pregnancies. Organic Coconut oil will reduce the formation of the stretch marks thus preventing this awkward discoloration to form.

Organic Coconut oil is available at any health store closest to you; if not simply order it online. Coconut oil can even be made it home. Only ensure that the coconut you use is a hundred percent organic. All you need to do is scope out the flesh from the coconut. You do not need to use the water. Add some water in time and stir water. Squeeze the coconut milk from the mix, use may use your hands. Heat this coconut milk well, till the oil separates. Strain the oil using a cloth. You my keep this oil in a bottle and store in.

Precautions that need to be taken while applying coconut oil is as it is a natural product there may be a tendency for bacteria to get attract to in to left unattended for too long. Make sure you store it well, mostly in a cool dry place and watch the body well after applying it. You may reapply it several times, but ensure you wash yourself well every time.

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